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14/4 W/GRND NM-B 600V Solid White

14/4 W/GRND NM-B 600V Solid White
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14/4 W/GRND NM-B 600V Solid White


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14/4 W/GRND NM-B 600V Solid White

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jeremy b
Excellent service, price, and shipping

I made a mistake with my order and the customer service staff was quick to reach out help me resolve. Nassau ended up covering the difference to make things right. Order arrived in less than a week. Great company, will use again in the future.

High quality cable. Exactly as described and expected.

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Product Information


14/4 W/GRND NM-B 600V Solid White

Allowable Ampacity (amp rating) for 14/4 W/GRND NM-B: 15 Amps

Also Known As:

14/4 NM-B Wire, 14/4 NM-B Cable, 14/4 Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable, 14/4 Non-Metallic Sheathed Wire, 14/4 Wire, 14 Wire, 14 Gauge Wire, 14/4  Electrical Wire, 14/4 Indoor Wire, 14/4 Flexible,  14/4 White Wire, 14/4 NM Cable, 14/4 NM Wire, 14/4 Residential Cable, 14/4 House Wire, 14/4 Home Wiring Cable, 14/4 Branch Circuit Wire, 14/4 Grounded Wire.


Type NM-B Copper Building Wire is commonly applied in residential building wiring as a branch circuit for switches and outlets. It can also be used for various building purposes, both inside and outside (the temperature should not exceed 90 °C). NM-B electrical wire can be used in air voids in tile walls. The voltage rating of 14/4 is 600 volts. The 14/4 NM-B Wire is easily installed because it is specifically designed for easier pulling. 

The range of NM-B applications includes:

  • Residential electric systems, including lights, switches, and outlets.
  • Branch circuits
  • Small appliances, including  microwave ovens, dishwashers, and garbage disposals
  • HVAC systems
  • In Air Void Applications of Tile Walls
  • The applications of NM-B are specified in Article 334 of NEC


    The particular applications of NM-B in sizes 14/4 rated 15  Amps include:

    • Lighting circuits
    • Multi-Wire Branch Circuits (MWBCs)
    • Small appliances

      14/4 wire is too small for outlets, HVACs, and bathrooms.

       14/4 Standards:

      • ASTM B-3 and B-8
      • UL Standard 83
      • UL Standard 719
      • Federal Specification A-A-59544
      • National Electrical Code, NFPA 70. 2011 Edition
      • RoHS/ REACH

      Construction of a 14/4:


      The cable has 4 conductors with a bare ground wire. The conductors are made of soft Solid bare annealed copper.


      The 14/4 14/4 NM-B Wire  has a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) insulation, making it perfect for harsh conditions. 


      PVC jacket comes in yellow, orange, white, and black colors.

      Specifications of 14/4:

      • Size AWG: 14 
      • Weight per 1000 ft: 91 lbs
      • Conductors: 4
      • Number of Strands: 1**
      • Insulation: PVC
      • Insulation Thickness: 19 mils

      *Data provided on this page is subject to change based on different manufacturers' variances
      ** Images are for display purposes only refer to Product Technical Details for accurate information on the product.
      In the case the material only comes in a predetermined color or doesn’t come with any color

      Download PDF Spec Sheet


      What does NM-B Wire Mean?

      "NM-B" wire stands for "Non-Metallic Type B." This is a specific type of electrical wire commonly used in residential indoor wiring.

      Which color is 14-4 Romex Wire?

      A 14-gauge Romex wire is usually white.

      What Does The B Stand For In NM-B Wire?

      The letter "B" in NM-B wire indicates that the cable was designed for 90 degree C ampacity ratings. NM-B wire without B is an older type of an electrical cable that is no longer in use. The modern NM-B wire was introduced in 1984.

      Can You Run Romex In Conduit?

      NM-B wire can be run through conduit, despite any stereotypes that suggest otherwise. It is run in conduit in areas where it can be subjected to physical damage, such as exposed locations. Its typical indoor in-wall installations already protect it by its non-metallic sheathing.

      Can Romex Be Exposed?

      Romex NM-B wire can only be exposed under particular circumstances, such as one- and two-family dwellings, their attached or detached garages, and their storage buildings. This is specified in NEC 334.10 and 334.15. If exposed, the cable has to be protected from physical damage.

      How to Strip Romex Wire?

      To strip Romex wire, start by cutting away the outer jacket to expose the conductors. 

      It's crucial not to damage the conductors beneath the jacket. A tool like the L'il Ripper Stripper is handy for this, as it can cut the jacket without harming the conductors. You can also use a utility knife, but you must be careful. 

      Once the jacket is removed, decide how much insulation you want to strip off (usually about 1 inch). Insert the conductor into the right-sized notch in a wire stripper, squeeze the handles, and pull the insulation off the wire. Be cautious when stripping lamp cords made of stranded copper wire, as the individual strands are easily damaged​​.

      How To Run Romex in the Attic?

      Running NM-B Romex in the attic is acceptable, but it requires protection. If you run Romex in the attic, you should staple the cable or secure it with joists or rafters.

      How To Splice Romex?

      Splicing NM-B Romex is quite simple. You just have to:

      • Turn off power: Always start by turning off power to the circuit you're working on.
      • Strip wires: Remove the outer sheathing of the Romex cables at the point of splice and strip the insulation from the individual wires.
      • Align wires: Align the same-colored wires from each cable.
      • Twist wires together: Twist the ends of each set of similar wires together using pliers.
      • Secure with wire nuts: Place wire nuts over the twisted wire ends and twist until tight.
      • Insulate and protect: Insulate the splice with electrical tape and place it in a junction box.
      • Cover junction box: Cover the junction box with a solid cover plate.

      The difference between splicing Romex and splicing other types of cables is that you have to splice the outer sheath first and then strip the insulation of individual conductors.

      Can Romex Be Exposed In the Garage?

      Romex NM-B Wire can only be run through bored holes between the studs as a protection.

      Can You Use Romex In A Commercial Building?

      Romex (NM cable) can be used in commercial buildings, but specific restrictions and requirements must be adhered to. According to the National Electrical Code (NEC) 334.12(A)(1), NM cable is not permitted as open runs above drop ceilings in non-dwelling occupancies. This means that Romex cannot be used in areas like above drop ceilings in commercial buildings. However, it may be used in industrial building open runs if installed with additional protection.

      A building that uses Romex must be of type III, IV, or V construction. In buildings of combustible construction, Romex may not be used. Additionally, the local jurisdiction might have its prohibitions or restrictions on the use of Romex, regardless of the type of construction.

      NM-B Romex may not be the best for commercial buildings as it lacks required specific fire-resistant ratings.

      Can You Bury Romex?

      No, you cannot run Romex underground or in conduit. Is the cable you are looking for an UF-B wire.

      Is Romex Plenum-Rated?

      NM-B Romex is not plenum-rated.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      jeremy b
      Excellent service, price, and shipping

      I made a mistake with my order and the customer service staff was quick to reach out help me resolve. Nassau ended up covering the difference to make things right. Order arrived in less than a week. Great company, will use again in the future.

      High quality cable. Exactly as described and expected.

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      14/4 W/GRND NM-B 600V Solid White