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Collection: Medium Voltage Power Cables

Medium Voltage Power Cables

Medium Product Voltage FAQs

What insulation is Medium Voltage Power Cable?

Medium Voltage Power cables insulation are cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) that do qualify with ICEA standards, and also Ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) which also complies with ICEA standards. Ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) is the most commonly used type of insulation for Medium Voltage. XLP insulation was formerly the more popular version about 10 years ago but that was used but EPR is the mainstay of today’s medium voltage cable world. Read More

What are most common types of insulation for Medium Voltage Power Cables?

Medium Voltage cable is most often shielded. In most cases its unshielded when 2,400V – 5,000V of EPR Insulation PVC or Cross-linked polyethylene (XLP). EPR insulation CPE, though in most circumstances it can have an insulation of a Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSZH. The Cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) wire which of course would also be ICEA S-97-682 standards, and has a semi-conducting insulation shield.

What’s an examples of Medium Voltage Power Cable value advantage?

Higher voltage powers intensive voltage applications are Medium Voltage’s most commonly used type of wire. With Medium Voltage one gets a wire of 2,400V with the insulation level 133 percent.  Or possible a 5,000V UL Type MV-90 Dry, 90°C. Medium Voltage also has a 15,000V UL wire which ranges from -90, 90°C. The 25,000 / 35,000 volts wire UL Type MV ranges within temperatures of -105, 105°C.  The standard today is 105C.

What’s an example of Medium Voltage Power Cable Type Marking?

Ideally what is printed right on the cables and wires is the type of wire, size of wire, and also insulation, and jacket. For example : 5KV/8KV UL Type MV-105, 105°C Single Conductor, Shielded, EPR Insulation, PVC Jacket 5KV 133%, 8KV 100% Insulation Level Copper Conductor.

What is a type of jacket do Medium Voltage Power Cables have? 

Chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE/Hypalon) per ICEA standards. Also Medium voltage holds Sunlight-resistant CPE per ICEA S-97-682 and UL Standard 1072 jackets. Also a few jackets that hold Cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) in qualification with ICEA standards.

How can I customize my Medium Voltage Power Cable?

Upon request, one can ask for the exact specifications one needs or is required to have for a certain use.   Ask the seller for a customized cable or wire. It does depend on the type of wire but it is almost always possible for one to request a certain type or gauge wire, than we can offer the exact cable one needs but it really depends on the gauge and amount and what the factory is running at that time. 

What are other common types Medium Voltage Power Cable and cable and what kinds of applications are they used for?

Medium Voltage Power wire is suitable for all uses of chemical plants, refineries, steel mills, industrial plants, commercial buildings, utility substations and generating stations. It can also be used for generators and with motor and batteries as its main applications. Its portability makes it very easy to use on mobile equipment.

What are some specifications and standards I should consider when choosing Medium Voltage Power Cable?

The Medium Voltage Power cable meets standards and regulations of the, ICEA S-96-659, UL Standard 1072, NEMA WC 71, AEIC CS8, Federal Specification J-C-30B.


What gauges sizes and strandings are available for Medium Voltage Power Cable?

The Medium Voltage Power cable comes in sizes mainly through 8 AWG – 1000 MCM. Though many Medium Voltage wires can also only go through 2 AWG – 500 MCM. Medium Voltage cables strandings vary based on the gauge examples of strandings are 7, 19, 37, and 61; the bigger the size the more strandings a wire holds.  

   I.E Gauges + Strandings:

  • 8/7 = Gauge size 8, Stranding 7
  • 1/0-19 = Gauge size 1/0,  Stranding 19
  • 350/37 = Gauge size 350, Stranding 37
  • 1000/61 = Gauge size 1000, Stranding 61

What voltage rankings are available for Medium Voltage Wires?

For Medium Voltage cables you have available voltages of 2,400 Volts, 5,000 Volts, 8,000 Volts, 15,000 Volts, 25,000 Volts, and also offered in 35,000 Volts.  These certain voltage ratings are suitable for all uses in power circuits, after installed in open air, conduit, duct, or direct buried to the ground, and appropriate for all climate situations, in wet and dry locations.

How many conductors does Medium Voltage Cables come in?

The cable standard for Medium Voltage wires are single conductor of 2,400V, 5,000V, 8,000V, 15,000V, also 24,000, and 35,000V wires. Though you have the option of three conductor of Medium Voltage wires for cables of the 2,400V, 5,000V, and 8,000V with an over all PVC Jacket encompassing all of the wires. 

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