Collection: Lead Automotive And Electronic Wire

Lead Automotive and Electronic Wire is the large category of wire and cables used in multiple industries, including the auto industry, telecom industry, and thermocouple probe production, among many others. The term "lead wire" stands for a wire used to connect electronic components or their poles. Lead Automotive and Electronic Wire are used to connect components of a car, in control panels, large kitchen and home appliances, motors, computers, and medical appliances.

While this is a broad group of wire and cable, the thing that unites them is that they are supposed to be highly conductive. Due to the conductivity demand, lead automotive and electronic wire have copper conductors. These cables are safe and offer consistent performance. They are usually insulated with rubber and plastic or a combination of both materials.  

Electronic wiring products from Nassau National Cable include automotive wire, battery cable, machine tool wire, combination cable, fire alarm cable, speaker cables, thermostat wire, hook-up wire, and many more. You can choose from more than 115 varieties of high-quality, reliable lead automotive and electronic wire in our collection. We work directly with the top manufacturers in North America to ensure that you get the best deals on your top-quality wire and cable.


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