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Collection: Mining & Industrial Cable

    The Mining and Industrial cables are designed for high voltage influences between power supply systems in mines, mine tunnels, shafts, and mine load centers where nonstop monitoring of the ground scheme is required. Industrial products usually are used in an extensive range of product applications such as power generation, transit facilities, wastewater treatment plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, liquefied natural gas terminals, the automotive sector, and institutional campuses such as hospitals, universities, prisons and military bases. This cable is appropriate for fitting in channels, troughs, tray or straight burial for non-flexing service. Read More

   The Mining and Industrial cables are constructed to be flexible stranded rope lay copper. Which are insulated with color coded 90°C ozone. These wires have great resistant to oil, and water, due to synthetic rubber EPDM. A separator tape is applied between the conductor and insulation to aid in stripping. The conductors are assembled round in a helical configuration with fillers added as needed for conformity. An open reinforcement is applied over the assembly for mechanical strength. The jacket is a heavy duty, oil and sunlight resistant thermoset CPE. Mining and Industrial Cables are flame retardant, which in other words means it has the ability to prevent the spread of burning by a low rate of travel so it will not be transported. These cables are built to survive rough handling and exposure to moisture for underground use in the environment of a mine or tunnel, exposure to sunlight, and drastic temperatures.

   Mining and Industrial Cable is a long lasting portable power cable used in circuits that are not to exceed 5,000 volts. The maximum continuous conductor temperature is recommended to be 90°C. Mining Cable carries P-184-MSHA marking which means that it is an acceptance as flame resistant by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the Mine Safety and Health Administration. A flame retardant cable especially constructed to withstand rough handling and exposure to moisture for underground use in the environment of a mine or tunnel, or surface use where exposed to sunlight and extremes of temperature.

    Mining Cable manufacturers design high voltage cable connection systems anywhere from 600 volts up to 5,000 volts. There are also cable handling and safety equipment designed to use when you’re working with mining cable.         

    Mining and Industrial Cables are built up starting with a flexible tinned copper conductor. There is a ground check conductor with an adjustable tinned copper with yellow polypropylene insulation. The stranded shield is a semi-conducting layer with an insulation shielding such as tinned copper and color coded nylon braid. Mining cable has an Insulation of 90°C ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) with Ground Wires such as Flexible tinned copper. It has a jacket of Chlorinated Polyethylene with a permanent marking of identification on the jacket.             

    All Mining Cable cables like, the Type SHD-GC-15kV, Type MP-GC-15kV, Type MP-GC-5kV, Type MP-GC-8kV, Type SHD-GC-25kV, Type SHD-GC-2kV, Type SHD-GC-5kV, Type SHD-GC-8kV  have a construction which is stranded hardened copper enveloped in an element protection. Lining is Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) or it can be Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE). Gathering is semi-conducting tape and a metallic tape protection with grounding rods containing of two simple grounds and one 8-gauge protected ground check that are cabled calm in the gaps of the power rods and fillers are added to make round. A single faced rubber full tape is practical overlapped. Jacket is Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE). Standards follow to ICEA S-66-524 (NEMA WC8). 

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