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Belden wire is a big brand in the field of cables and wires It is a one of the largest cable and wire products manufacturers in the world. The company develops and manufactures top range wires and wire accessories. Their products are used all over the world for connecting, networking, coaxial applications, and power distribution at different levels. Whenever you buy Belden Cables there are two thing you can be sure of; quality and safety. Both Enterprise and Industrial Belden Cables are tested and approved the underwriters’ laboratory as a testimony to the fact that they possess the qualities attributed to them. Read More

Top Notch Quality

The need to buy a high quality cable cannot be exaggerated. Low quality cable wear out easily and you may have to replace them frequently to maintain the consistence of power supply for your systems, which is expensive in the long term. Belden brand is associated with quality. When you buy Belden Cable you buy a quality cable. These cables have sturdy features which keeps the underlying conductors safe for years. When you install them there’s a good chance they will last a lifetime.

Belden Wire Products

Being a signature brand, Belden leads the market in setting the standards for a wide range of products. These include multi-conductors, flat cables, coaxial cables, molded cables, fiber optics cables, portable cords, paired cables and so much more. All these products are available in so many designs and what’s more, they can always make something custom depending on the needs of your wiring project.

Buy Belden Cables at Nassau National Cable

Nassau National Cable has hundreds of Belden Wire products available for purchase on our online store. This means, you can Buy Belden Cables Online. All you have to do is skim through our resources page and you can be sure to find exactly what you need on our website. These are high quality connectors for enterprise automation and technology. Moreover, we have professionals on our live chat to help you make an informed decisions on intelligent wiring solutions. Once you make a choice and process the payment we’ll have it delivered to you in time.

Here are some categories of Belden Cables you can find on our online store:

  • Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cables are transmission lines which consist of a tube material around a central conductor put in place by insulators and jacket. The cables are used to transmit telegraph, telephone, television, and Internet signals. These cables are also referred to as coax cables.

  • VFD Cable

VRD Cables are made for use with VFD devices. A typical VFD device has a drive controller and a user interface. In the controller, the AC input power is first rectified into a DC intermediate power and this is made possible using VFD Cables.

  • Multi-Conductor and Pair

Multi-conductor and multi-pair Belden cables are made of a wide range of materials with different designs. They are used with communication devices, computers, instrumentation systems, and control systems and data transmission devices.

Sound, Security & Alarm

Sound, Security and alarm Cables as the name suggests are cables used for detectors to trigger a notification in case an issue of concern arises in a system. They detectors sense a rise in temperature, smoke, light or sound. Belden is the market leader in designing and developing these sensitive cables.

Approvals and Certification of Belden Cables

As far as safety of your wiring system is concerned, it is always recommended that you buy top quality cable products that conform to the international standards. When you buy Belden Cables from Nassau National Cable you can be sure that the cables are approved by international stands set by:

  • NEC
  • UL
  • Plenum rated
  • CSA flame test
  • UL flame test
  • SCTE/ANSI standards

Nassau National offers top quality Belden cables for sale online. To browse our wide selection of Belden cables, please visit our website today!

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