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About Bulk Buyer Program

We focus on building lasting relationships with our customers, that is why we have a speсial offer for you. If your annual purchases are high or you plan them to be high, you can join our Bulk Buyer Program today and become a NNC Prime Member. This will give you access to special pricing with discounts all year round.

The discount you get will depend on the purchase volume and grow extensively with every milestone you achieve.

Fill out your contact information right now and receive a unique special discount code that will be created just for you.


Who Can Become A NNC Prime Member?

  • Individuals with a high annual purchase rate
  • Companies that buy large amounts of cable regularly
  • Resellers
  • Federal Construction Project Bidders
  • Industrial Plants and Factories
  • Anyone who believes that our Bulk Buyer Program suits their needs



Benefits Of Bulk Buyer Program

  • High Discounts Depending on the Purchase Volume Per Quarter
  • Exclusive Customer Support With A Personal Support Manager Assigned
  • Priority When Receiving Quotes
  • Industry Related Updates
  • Get Exclusive Help with Your Electrical Project
  • Loyalty Offers and Gifts
  • Other Future Bonuses


How To Join?

To join, simply fill out the form below. Our team will contact you via phone or email as soon as possible to discuss all relevant details.
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Prime Membership Tier

Quarterly Order value for qualification

Silver -- $1.000.00 and above

Gold -- $10.000.00 and above

Platinum -- $25.000.00 and above

Diamond -- $50.000.00 and above