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Collection: Marine Cable

Marine cables, or marine grade wire, are designed for application in a highly corrosive marine environment. These cables have superior corrosion resistance and are submerged in water during work. Marine cables are equally great for power and control applications.

The range of marine cables varies depending on specific applications, insulations, and conductors. Common conductors include tinned copper or stranded bare copper, depending on a particular type of cable. Some insulations are flame-retardant PVC, silicone rubber glass tape, extruded silicone rubber, ethylene or propylene rubber, Type T (polyvinyl chloride), and cross-linked polyethylene. Jackets are made of either cross-linked polyolefin, silicon rubber, or polyvinyl chloride. There are marine cables for any shipyard applications.

At Nassau National Cable, we sell different types of marine cables. 

These include:

  • Marine Tinned Copper Wire, including duplex and triplex varieties. They are used for all types of marine applications and can also be used to protect vehicles from the impact of water.
  • Ancor Marine Grade Boat Cables
  • Marine Battery Cable that is flexible and used in batteries
  • Enhanced THOF 90°C Flexible 600V Ship-to-Shore Power Cable
  • Dual Booster Copper Conductor TPE Insulation Cable

We have an unmatched network of marine cable suppliers that allows us to offer marine cables from the top manufacturers at the best prices on the market.