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Collection: Lutze Cable

Lutze cables are a product of the family brand LUTZE Inc., a company with many international cable patents that was founded in Germany over 60 years ago. The company is mainly known for producing top-notch industrial cables, power cables, and data cables, known under their patented names Silflex® and Superflex®.

Types of Lutze cables sold by Nassau National Cable include Bus Cables and Network Cables, and Motor, Servo, and Feedback Cables. Bus Cables and Network Cables are designed for data transfer in industrial settings and bus systems. These cables are great for most data transfer technologies that exist in the United States. The cables come with different types of connectors depending on their particular use.

Motor, Servo, and Feedback Cables are the collection of flexible power cables for motors and energy supply. Many servo and feedback cables are specific to particular power systems. While these cables are great for most power and control purposes, they are most suitable for frequency converter motors. The range also includes VFD cables.

Regardless of your cable purchase goal, Lutze brings the best technologies to the table and is used by companies across the country as a part of an innovative solution for their business. At Nassau National Cable, we bring you the cables from the best manufacturers in the country.