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Collection: Metal Clad Cable

Looking to buy some high quality armored cables? You just clicked the right link. Nassau National is a leading supplier of armored cables in USA and world over. We supply a comprehensive range of robust aluminum wire and steel wire armored cables. Our cables are designed in accordance with international standards and specification for safety purposes.Read More

Armored cables are a special category of cables specially designed hard-wearing main-line power supply cables. These cables are made for low and medium voltage power. They are used in a wide range of industrial applications that call for outstanding mechanical and chemical protection. Armored cables could be installed in particular areas that pose a high risk of fire or explosion. When you want to buy armored cable, differentiating it from other wires and cables is very easy because they have a metallic covering enabling them to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

When looking for armored cables for sale, you need to understand that there are different types, all of which are supplied by leading suppliers like Nassau National Cable. These categories include;

  • Feeder sizes type MC cable
  • Armorlite type MC- copper conductors
  • Interlocked armor cable
  • Aluminum armored health care facilitates cable

To make the best out of an armored cable you need to know exactly which type best suits the needs of your project. Therefore, when looking to buy armored cable for sale, be on the lookout for the specific type with the authentic materials. First, you need to understand the components of an armored cable. Typically, armored cables supplied by market leaders like comprise of a conductor, insulation and a jacket. Depending on the kind of task the cable is intended to perform, the materials used to construct the components may vary. Each of the materials have outstanding features enabling the cable to give optimal performance under harsh conditions.

Wrong cables are not just costly in the long run but also dangerous. Understanding which armored cable for sale to go for can be of great valuable information. For instance, they may be used as walking path for heavy booted electricians, planted in high foot traffic network, buried in rocky soil or run over by machinery and vehicles. These exposures could see the insulation of cables tear up or puncture leading to dangerous occurrences. Armored cables are not affected by the harsh conditions. The decision to buy high quality armored cables one you’ll definitely never regret.

Armored cables supplied by Nassau National Cable have great features which enhance their performance and safety, no wonder the company is a favorite among many. In case of fire breakouts, these cables are low smoke, halogen free and fire retardant. The different types of armored cables are used for different purposes. They are often used in public buildings where extra stringent requirements for fire performance are demanded for prevention of economic losses and people’s safety. These areas may include airports, auditoriums, hotels and arenas. Nassau National Cable has a wide range of these unique cables, all available for purchase on a click of mouse buttons. All you have to do is browse through armored cables category and you’ll find a product most appropriate for your project. Moreover, our friendly team of experts is on standby to answer to your queries and to advice on what would work best for your needs.

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