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Collection: Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire

About the Product

Alpha Wire is one of the best and the most well-known industrial cable manufacturers in the country that focuses on cables for industrial machines, military, high-tech industry, and medical tools. At Nassau National Cable, we sell over 450 types of Alpha Wire.Read More

Alpha Essentials Cable is a series of cables for everyday use. Most of these cables are suitable for communication and control purposes. 

Alpha Industrial Series Cable is a series of cables most suited for industrial applications. Some of these cables are marked explicitly as flexible, thus suitable for high-flex industrial applications. The series includes cables with voltage ratings from 300v to 5400v to suit various industrial needs.

EcoGen is a sub-brand of eco-friendly cables that are fully recyclable. These cables do not contain any polluting materials, including halogens, phthalates, and heavy metals.

Xtra-Guard Performance Cable is designed to survive in extreme industrial and military conditions, partly thanks to the unique foil/braid shielding technology. Depending on the particular type of cable, Xtra-Guard can handle temperatures between -50 °C and 125 °C. The cable also has excellent resistance to industrial chemicals, oils, and solvents. Xtra-Guard cables have a subcategory of flex cables that are designed explicitly for high-flex applications. 

Alpha Hook-up Wire is a range of hook-up wires for internal applications. The company designs high-voltage hook-up wires up to 120000 volts.

Premium, Ribbon And Plenum Cable is a range of pricier cables designed with superior materials for conductors, insulation, and other cable elements. Most of these cables are used in plenum spaces within buildings and internal connections in the electronic systems.Read Less