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Collection: Airport Lighting Cable

Airport Lighting Cable

Airport Lighting Cable L284c.

The L284 type C cable is typically designed to build and increase performance of runway and taxi way airport lighting systems. It is suitable and works efficiently for the underground series airport lighting circuits. The single conductor cable composed of annealed uncoated stranded copper has and a cross-linked polyethylene insulation designed to ensure resistance to high heat and energy it carry’s and that which may be from the surrounding environment. Capped at 5000 voltage the cable can withstand temperatures of 90 degrees C for continuous operation. Due to the nature of airport lighting, they are required to be lit for prolonged periods of time, this extended hours of work may lead to the overheating of the cables. But in this particular L284 type C cable, the specifications on the amount of heat that it can withstand is pretty high to prevent that particular situation.  When the temperatures become extraordinarily high this cable is still able to work comfortably since it has a maximum temperature of 250 degrees C for it to short circuit. Read More

The cables, which in most cases are buried and in ducts to feed series lights and navigational (LEDs) is heat and moisture resistant with a semi-conducting tape helically applied over the insulation. This particular characteristic is important due to the nature of the surface and area in which the cable is laid. The humid and sometimes wet if the ducts are not properly would not lead to a short circuit and cause delays and possible accidents as planes land due to this particular feature. There is a shield applied 5ml bare copper tape that is applied over the insulation system and a jacket of polyvinyl compound which is in accordance with NEMA WC71. This shielding ensures that there is minimum loss of power as it moves through the cable and improves durability and efficiency of the cable.

It is suitable for direct burial installations, pulled into metallic or non-metallic conduit. For peace of mind these cables are rugged, have an excellent abrasion and crush resistance to withstand the effect of any compression or force that may come into contact with them and the harsh nature of the environment in which they are used. Due to the chemicals used to clean aircrafts and clean the airport in general, they are resistant to the chemicals in de-icing fluids manufactured  and is lead free making this particular cable an attractive solution to airport builders. Standard techniques and accessories may be used during installation of this wire due to its compatibility with the existing frameworks in this area of electrical construction.

They have standard supply lengths are 5000ft/ real. However, this is not the only length available. All other Lengths are available at the customer’s request from the website. Construction work should not stop due to lack of high quality cabling. This airport lighting cable gives confidence and a high level of operational efficiency to the airport engineers and can have a working life of more than 5 years before any kind of maintenance is required.

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