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Collection: Portable Cord Cable

Portable Cord Cable is a multi-conductor flexible wire used in electrical connections. These cables are resistant to heat, oil, chemicals, moisture, and abrasion. Portable cables are used for temporary applications in industrial and commercial settings. They are used in portable tools, oil drilling rigs, power supply systems, motors, and machines. Portable wire varies in voltage, size, and temperature range. The benefits include durability, flexibility, and resistance to oil.Read More

Types of portable cords available at Nassau National Cable are bus drop cable, SEOOW portable cord 600v, SJEOOW 300V, SOOW 600V, SJOOW 300V, SJTOW & STOW, and Type STO and SJTO Cables.

Bus drop cable is used in medium to lightweight industrial applications. It has 14 AWG to 2AWG annealed stranded bare copper conductor, nylon or PVC cable jacket, 600V voltage rating, and three conductors. The cable is suitable for indoor and outdoor industrial applications, with temperatures not exceeding 60 C.

SEOOW cord operates in temperatures between -50 C and 105 C. It is a lightweight cable with 2 to 18 AWG conductors. The cable has thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) insulation and a Seoprene jacket. It is used in power facilities, motor control, remote control, industrial control, stage equipment, and robotic systems.

SJEOOW 300 V is used for residential and commercial power distribution. It is a junior service cord with a 300 V voltage rate and 18 AWG- 10 AWG fully annealed bare copper conductor. Insulation and jacket are both made of TPE. The cable is used in industrial heavy-duty tools, machinery, electrical power (temporary power), installation of lighting in construction sites, and fully water submerged machinery.

SOOW 600V is an oil-resistant cord with thermoset Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) jacket and EPDM insulation. It has at least two bare annealed copper conductors, and a temperature range between -40 C and 90 C. Cable is used in fire alarms and temperature controls, remote control circuits, power tools, control circuits, construction and portable equipment, and motor leads.

SJOOW 300V is a variation of SOOW cable with a lower voltage range of 300 V.

SJTOW 300 V & STOW 600V are service cables with thermoplastic jackets mostly used in portable tools.

Type STO and SJTO are service Thermoplastic Oil-resistant cables with an extreme temperature range of -400C to 600C. They are used in control systems, industrial machinery, and mining.

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