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Type G Portable Power and Mining Cable

The type G portable mining cable just as its name implies is mostly used to supply power in mining applications. Mining applications tend to be tough hence cables that can withstand even the most punishing environments are required for this task. They can also be used in other power supply applications not exceeding 2000 volts. Read More

Not only is its voltage rating high but also the operating temperature. It can operate properly at -400C in wet locations and 900C in dry locations. It can also be submersible which means it can operate while submerged under water with minimal complications, even though it is not a marine cable.

On this post ill share with you some of the amazing details of the type G portable cable, read on


This cable is designed to withstand harsh environments. It has a robust design; it is composed of conductors, insulator and a jacket.


The conductor is the main part of the cable. It is used to transmit electric current through the wire. The type G cable conductor is made from fully annealed stranded bare copper in accordance to ASTM B 174. The conductor is 8 AWG to 500 MCM in size. Annealing is the process whereby copper is constantly heated under controlled temperatures until it becomes soft and flexible. Stranding also enhances its flexibility which makes it easy to transport and install.

The cable also has ground conductors and ground check conductors. Ground conductors withhold current under normal operation of the cable. Since the type G cable transmits large amounts of current, the ground conductors operates as a three phase. Tinned copper is mainly used as the ground conductor and it has a green covering which acts as the insulator. The ground check conductors are mainly used to monitor the ground to enhance safety. It is made of tinned copper and a covering as the insulator.


The insulator is a very vital part of the cable. It prevents direct contact with the live wire hence it ensures maximum safety among users. It also protects the conductor from external damage. The insulation is made up of Ethylene Propylene (EPDM). This material is robust and highly resistant to oils.

Cable jacket

The cable jacket protects the inner components of the cable from external damage. The cable jacket needs to be robust since it is mostly applied in extreme environments. The cable jacket is made from chlorinated polyethylene. This material is resistant to water, sunlight, oil, flames, impact, abrasion, ozone, chemicals and industrial solvents.

Industrial ratings and approvals

These certifications are evidence that the attributes stated by the manufacturer are true. The type G cable has the following industrial ratings and approvals;

  • Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) Approved
  • National Electric Code (NEC)
  • RoHS compliant
  • Canadian Standards Association
  • UL Listed


    The type G cable has numerous applications as long as it does not exceed 2000 volts. These applications include AC system where grounding is required due to ground conductors. It can be used as a power cable for mobile and portable electrical equipment. They supply power for oil rigs, shipyards, mining applications and marine set ups.

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