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Fiber Optic Cables are used for long-distance fast data and communication networks. These cables transfer data faster than regular data and communication cables and are becoming a new standard for communication networks despite their relatively high price. Currently, fiber optic cables are becoming a more and more popular choice for internet networks, smart TV, and phone communications. Experts predict that fiber optic cables will replace traditional data cables almost entirely in the upcoming 5-10 years.

  Fiber optic cables are ideal for transferring data at very long distances. Unlike regular electrical cables that have aluminum or copper conductors, they consist of glass fibers packed inside the insulation. Optical fibers are lighter and smaller than traditional conductors. They do not suffer from electromagnetic interference (EMI), have a much lower power loss, and do not need a ground conductor.

At Nassau National Cable, we sell over four hundred of the best fiber optic cables available on the U.S. market, including loose-tube fiber optic cables, tight-buffered cables, and ribbon cables. We offer you products from some of the biggest manufacturers in the country that have a long history of producing fiber optics, including CommScope, Alpha Wire, and Corning. We keep our eyes on the latest trends and expand our library whenever the latest fiber optic solutions hit the market.

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