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4.0 mm² 56 Strands PV Wire Photovoltaic Cable 2000V

4.0 mm² 56 Strands PV Wire Photovoltaic Cable 2000V
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4.0 mm² 56 Strands PV Wire Photovoltaic Cable 2000V

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Product Information


4.0 mm² 56 Strands PV Wire Photovoltaic Cable 2000V

Also Known As:

Photovoltaic PV Cable, Solar pv cable, Solar pv wire, 2kv pv wire, Copper pv wire, PV wire in conduit, Photovoltaic cable, PV cable, pv wire 2000V, 2000v wire, 2000v pv wire, 2kv pv wire, pv wire, solar pv wire, photovoltaic wire.


Photovoltaic (PV) wire is a type of electrical wire specifically designed and manufactured to handle the unique needs of solar panel (photovoltaic) systems. When sunlight strikes a solar panel, it generates direct current (DC) electricity. This electricity needs to be conducted efficiently and safely from the solar panels to the inverter, where it's typically converted to alternating current (AC) to be used in homes or businesses or to be fed into the electrical grid.

The electric cable is suitable for direct burial, where it is used as an interconnection wire for both grounded and ungrounded PV systems. The electrical wire is used to connect photovoltaic cells to combiner boxes, combiner boxes to inverters, and inverters to the transformers. The electrical wire is rated 2000v.  The PV wire is UV-resistant, durable, and able to tolerate high temperatures.

 Photovoltaic wire is suitable for solar power generation, transmission, and distribution in domestic, commercial, and industrial utilities. It can be used for all purposes on the dc side of PV systems. The cable has a temp rating of 90 C in both wet and dry places. The lowest possible temperature is -40 C. It has the possibility to resist deformation at extreme temperatures. Based on its properties, the cable can be used for a minimum of forty years.

Applications of 2kv PV Wire:

The 2000V photovoltaic (PV) wire is designed to handle higher voltage levels than the more common 600V or 1000V PV wires. The higher voltage rating is advantageous in certain scenarios.

In particular, they are used in:

  • Large-Scale Solar Farms: Larger solar installations, such as utility-scale solar farms, may use higher voltage PV wires to reduce energy losses during transmission over long distances.
  • Commercial Solar Installations
    • Solar Installations with High DC Bus Voltages: Some modern solar inverters are designed to operate at higher DC bus voltages, which suits 2kv PV wire.
    • Central Inverter Systems: In configurations where multiple PV strings are connected to a single central inverter, the combined voltage from these strings is high.
    • Interconnecting Subarrays: In large solar farms, multiple subarrays (groups of panels connected together) are interconnected using higher voltage wires to feed a central collection point or inverter.
    • Direct Burial Applications: For solar installations where it's more practical or necessary to bury the DC conductors, 2000V-rated PV wire is perfect because it is robust.
    • Upgrading Existing Solar Installations: Replacing older PV wire with 2000V wire makes sense for upgrades.

    Particular applications of 4,0 mm 2kv PV Wire:

    • Large Residential Installations
    • Medium to Large Commercial Installations
    • Utility-Scale Solar Farms
    • RVs and Large Mobile Solar Installations
    • Marine Solar Installations
    • Off-Grid Systems
    • DC Lighting Systems
    • Connector Leads and Extensions
    • Tracking Solar Installations
    • Ground-Mounted Solar Installations
    • Battery Interconnections


    • NEC NFPA 70
    • UL 4703
    • EN 50618
    • RoHS
    • UL 2556 FV-1 
    • EN 60332-1



    Fully annealed flexible stranded tinned copper with Class 5 stranding per EN 60228 (IEC 60228).


    Sheathed zero-halogen cross-linked polyethylene (ZH XLPE) with black Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen Cross-Linked Polyolefin (LSZH XLPO).


    • General Cable Catalog Number: 395380
    • Cond. Size (mm²): 4.0
    • Cond. Strand Count: 56
    • Minimum Avg. Insulation Thickness Inches: 0.045
    • Minimum Avg. Jacket (Sheath) Thickness Inches: 0.030
    • Nominal Cable Diameter Inches: 0.263
    • Copper Weight Lbs: 24
    • Net Weight Lbs: 49

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