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4/0-3 MP-GC XLP PVC Mining Industrial Cable 5000V

4/0-3 MP-GC XLP PVC Mining Industrial Cable 5000V
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4/0-3 MP-GC XLP PVC Mining Industrial Cable 5000V

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Max Length: 10000 FT
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Product Information


4/0-3 MP-GC XLP PVC Mining Industrial Cable 5000V

Allowable Ampacity For 4/0-3 MP-GC XLP PVC Mining Industrial Cable 5000V: 184 Amps


Type MP-GC XLP Mining Industrial Cable is designed for use with stationary horizontal HV mine power distribution circuits and other mining industry applications. It can be used for permanent or semi-portable applications with power transmission in deep mines, strip mines, open pits, and tunnels. The electrical cable can be used in wet or dry locations, installed in conduit or duct (not to exceed maximum rated voltage). MP-GC XLP electrical cable is also suitable for direct burial applications. The cable is rated 5000V.

Also Known As:

4/0-3 Type MP-GC XLP Power Cable, 4/0-3 Type MP-GC XLP Cable, 4/0-3 MP-GC Type Mining Power Feeder Cable, 4/0-3 American Mustang Type MP-GC Cable, 4/0-3 Type MP-GC, 4/0-3 Mine Power Feeder Cable, 4/0-3 Type MP-GC Mining Grade Cable.


  • ATSM B-3, B-8 and B-496
  • MSHA P-136
  • UL
  • CSA
  • ICEA s-75-381/ NEMA WC-58



American Mustang Type MP-GC cables have compacted annealed copper conductors covered by an extruded semi-conductive shield. Type MP-GC mining cable has three conductors: two bare copper wires and one ground with yellow heavy-duty insulation. Non-wicking filler applied helps enhance conductor balance in the cross-section and tighten up the cable assembly.


A flame retardant cross-linked polyethylene (XLP) insulation covers the conductors of this cable. The shield is made of an extruded semi-conductor. This insulation shield has three mil copper tape with ½ overlap helically applied on its cover.


The jacket is made of PVC that is not only flame retardant but also repulsive to any mechanical breakage, abrasion, or tearing. Woven polyester nylon applied over the complete cable assembly is a reinforcement binder that improves the jacket's integrity.


  • Gauge: 4/0
  • Conductor Strands: 19
  • Insulation Thickness: 0.090
  • Grounding Cond. Size: 1
  • Grounding Cond. Strands: 19
  • O.D. (Inches): 2''
  • New Weight lb/1000FT: 4620 lbs  


      Compatible with Manufacturer

      American Wire Group : MP5-05-4/0

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