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Garrie meme

Garrie has been a cable goat since he finished high school.

He recently moved away from his home state because the winters are the absolute worst, or so he says. We think it might be for a different reason that he does not want to disclose to us yet, but we'll have to become better friends.

Garrie wanted a cable job with Nassau, but we did not have any open vacancies. But he was so funny that we created a meme manager job just for him. He would love to have some abs, but abs are difficult when you are past 25.

Garrie is not a dad, but he has a dad's belly. And high cholesterol, so he is currently on a diet of vegetables. He added beer to this diet, so he lost a few pounds and his driver's license.

Like any cartoon animal, Garrie is cute-looking except for his eyes which are kind of weird, but you get used to it. After all, all goats have eyes like that. He also has a very charming personality, which boosts his attraction.

Garrie brings you a curated collection of memes about cables and goats to unwind after a hard-working day.

Garrie meme