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This whitepaper overviews cable reel management and discusses the critical elements of a successful cable reel management program, including handling, transportation, storage, deployment, maintenance, disposal, and best practices. Implementing these practices will help organizations manage their cable reels and improve their operations. NNC uses the techniques outlined in this white paper.
The techniques outlined in this whitepaper help to address common pain points encountered when managing cable reels in a data center, such as space limitations, safety concerns, temperature, and other conditions within the warehouse that can impact the preservation of the cable reels and the state of cables, and avoiding cable damage. This paper is an accessible guide for industry professionals, business owners, and anyone who deals with cable reels professionally or as a consumer.


Data Center Cable Management Best Practices

This whitepaper provides a look into current data center management best practices. In particular, it includes: 

  • Current industry standards applicable to data centers
  • Data center classification
  • Existing cable management systems in modern data centers
  • Common rules of data center cable management


The Role of Wire and Cable in Industrial Robotics in the age of Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Industry 4.0