Corning 060EUL-T3601D2M 60 Fiber OS2 Mining and Petrochemical Tray Rat

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Corning 060EUL-T3601D2M 60 Fiber OS2 Mining and Petrochemical Tray Rated LT Gel Free Cable

Corning 060EUL-T3601D2M 60 Fiber OS2 Mining and Petrochemical Tray Rated LT Gel Free Cable
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Corning 060EUL-T3601D2M 60 Fiber OS2 Mining and Petrochemical Tray Rated LT Gel Free Cable

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Product Information



Corning dielectric, tray-rated, mining and petrochemical fiber optic cables are designed for indoor and outdoor use in mining and petrochemical backbones (aerial and duct) and horizontal intrabuilding and tunnel backbones where limited-smoke and zero-halogen requirements exist. The loose tube cable construction, pioneered by Corning, places fibers in buffer tubes and provides stable and highly reliable transmission parameters for a variety of voice, data, video and imaging applications. The SZ-stranded, loose tube design isolates fibers from installation and environmental rigors and allows for easy mid-span access. The design also provides high-fiber density within a given cable diameter, allowing flexibility to suit many system designs.

The cable’s innovative waterblocking technology eliminates the need for traditional flooding compound and allows more efficient and craft-friendly cable preparation. The specially formulated black, UV-resistant, flame-retardant LSZH inner and outer jacket complies with IEEE-383 flame test. These extra-tough double jackets resist hazards found in mines and petrochemical complexes, making this cable ideal for any harsh environment requiring a more robust cable and suitable for direct buried applications. All-dielectric construction provides tensile strength and eliminates grounding concerns. With an extended storage and operating temperature range of -50° to +75°C (-58° to +167°F), the cable is listed OFN-LS and CSA FT4-ST 1 for up to 288 fibers and cable tray-rated per CSA C22.2 No. 230 and No. 232.

Note: This cable is available in 12 different jacket colors – blue, orange, green, brown, slate, white, red, black, yellow, violet, rose and aqua. The colored jacket allows for easy visual identification of the cables while still providing all of the required environmental protection of an indoor/outdoor cable jacket.

Features And Benefits:

• Loose tube construction
  Stable and highly reliable transmission parameters
• Waterblocking technology
  Allows efficient and craft-friendly cable preparation
• Extra tough double jackets
  Ideal for harsh environments
• Listed MSHA 30 CFR Pt 7-K
  Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) approved
• Common installations
  Outdoor aerial and duct; indoor general purpose horizontal according to CSA C22.2


• Listings: National Electrical Code® (NEC®) OFCR-LS; Sunlight Resistant (SUN RES); IEEE-383/IEEE-1202 flame test; Suitable for Direct Burial (DIR BUR); IEC 60332-3, IEC 60754-2, IEC 61034
• Design and Test Criteria: ANSI/ICEA S-104-696, CSA OFN-LS FT-4-ST1, CSA C22.2 No. 230 and No. 232

Temperature Range:

• Storage: -50 °C to 75 °C (-58 °F to 167 °F )
• Installation: -30 °C to 60 °C (-22 °F to 140 °F )
• Operation: -50 °C to 75 °C (-58 °F to 167 °F )

Chemical Characteristics:

• RoHS: Free of hazardous substances according to RoHS 2011/65/EU

Specification :

All-Dielectric YES
Armored NO
Fiber Count 60
Rodent Protected NO
Self-Support NO

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