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606-01-0026 C-L-X Terminating Tool Kit - Electric - 120 Volt ac - Cable Slitting Saw, Small Cable Guide and 12 High Speed steel saw Blades

606-01-0026 C-L-X Terminating Tool Kit - Electric - 120 Volt ac - Cable Slitting Saw, Small Cable Guide
and 12 High Speed steel saw Blades
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606-01-0026 C-L-X Terminating Tool Kit - Electric - 120 Volt ac - Cable Slitting Saw, Small Cable Guide and 12 High Speed steel saw Blades

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Product Information



The C-L-X Terminating Tool Kit contains all the tools required to remove the overall jacket and aluminum sheath from C-L-X power, control, and instrumentation cables. The Cable Slitting Saw may also be used on interlocked armor and lead sheathed cables. The Cable Slitting Saw provides a simple and efficient means of removing the aluminum C-L-X sheath. It is available in either an electric or a pneumatic model. Both models have a retractable blade guard to protect the user.
The electric model is powered by a 2500 rpm, 120 Volt ac double insulated motor. A 220 Volt ac model is also available.
The lightweight pneumatic model is powered by a 2200 rpm motor which requires 90 psi of air pressure for maximum efficiency. The Small Cable Guide keeps the saw centered on the cable when slitting cables of 1€� diameter or less.
The High Speed Steel Saw Blades provide a smooth cut in the aluminum sheath and have a cutting depth of 3/8€� without the cable guide.

C-L-X Terminating Tool Kit Contents

1 Cable Slitting Saw
1 Small Cable Guide
12 2€� dia. High Speed Steel Saw Blades
1 Tubing Cutter
1 Channel Lock Pliers
1 10€� Retractable Tape
1 5/16€� x 11€� Screwdriver
1 Cable Knife, 4€� blade
1 Hacksaw Blade Holder
3 10€� Hacksaw Blades
1 Tool Case
1 Padlock with 2 keys

Removing the C-L-X Armor

This procedure applies to all types of C-L-X armor - aluminum, copper, bronze and stainless steel. Safe working practices are to be observed, e.g., safety glasses and work gloves. Practice sessions are recommended to familiarize all concerned with the procedures and equipment.
1. Remove the jacket to expose the desired length of un-armored cable within the enclosure.
2. Refer to the C-L-X fitting instructions for the length of C-L-X armor to be exposed beyond the end of the jacket and mark the C-L-X armor at the top of the crown nearest to that point.

  • For C-L-X Diameters 1 5/8€� and Smaller, Go To Steps 10 through 12.
  • For C-L-X Diameters greater than 15/8€� Follow Steps 3. Through 9.

3. First the C-L-X armor will be circumferentially cut using a hacksaw blade, (note the C-L-X saw tool kit is supplied with a hacksaw blade and blade holder) cut through the crown (high point) of the C-L-X at an angle so as to connect (or bridge) the valleys (low points) on both sides of the crown.
4. Again using a hacksaw blade, make a circumferential score in the valleys adjacent to the cut crown connecting both sides of the crown cut to the valleys. Do not cut through armor in valleys.
5. Holding the score area rigid, flex the cable by moving the free end so as to break the score around the circumference of the cable.
6. Next the C-L-X will be longitudinally cut by performing the following:
Note on the C-L-X Saw - The longitudinal cut is made with the C-L-X saw, which has an adjustable positive depth stop that can be set so the saw blade cuts through the crowns and partially cuts through the valleys. A proper saw depth is achieved when 80 to 95 % of the metal in the valley is removed. Use an extra piece of the cable being terminated to adjust the blade depth and practice.
7. With cable secured, start at the free end of the cable and advance the Kett saw, making sure to use slight downward pressure to maintain the depth of cut along the cable, to the ring cut. When advancing the saw, be sure maintain a straight line by cutting along the high point of the cable; this affects the cut depth also. See following:
If it is necessary to stop cutting or if a portion of the cut is to be repeated, use caution when reinserting the blade as kickback may occur.
8. At the completion of the longitudinal cut, starting at the free end,insert a wide blade screwdriver into the cut and twist. Repeat until the ring cut is reached. This will cause the remaining metal in the valleys to break open and the armor to loosen on the cable. Do not drive the screwdriver into the cut with excessive force as this may damage the underlying conductors.
9. Slide the armor off the cable. In the event that the armor is tight around the cable, pliers may be used to grab the armor at the split and pull it away from the cable. For large diameter cables, where long lengths of armor are to be removed, two cuts spaced 180° apart are recommended so that the armor may be removed in two pieces.

  • For C-L-X Diameters 1 5/8€� and Smaller Follow Steps 10. Through 13.

10. Using a hacksaw blade or tubing cutter, circumferentially score the C-L-X armor. Grip the cable in both hands with the score centered between hands, and flex the cable at the score line until it opens. Slide the sheath off the cable.
11. For C-L-X cables with an inner jacket or cable constructions where the C-L-X armor is tight fitting around the insulated conductors, the C-L-X saw should be used with the optional red colored cable guide. This guide assists in centering the saw on small diameter cable. The procedures and precautions of steps 3 to 9 apply here also.
12. Remove the cable fillers and marker tape and install the C-L-X fitting as per the manufacturer€™s instructions. The cable is now ready to be terminated into the enclosure.

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