600 Aluminum 600V PV Photovoltaic Cable

600 Aluminum 600V PV Photovoltaic Cable

600 Aluminum 600V PV Photovoltaic Cable

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Max Length: 1000000 FT
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Product Information


600 Aluminum 600V PV Photovoltaic Cable

Allowable Ampacity for 600 ALUMINUM 600V PV PHOTOVOLTAIC CABLE at 90°C: 385 Amps


600V PV wire, or photovoltaic cable, is an electrical wire that plays a big role in solar applications due to a wide temperature range with a cold bend of -40°C to 90°C. The most common use of the photovoltaic wire is for grounded and ungrounded photovoltaic power systems, particularly their interconnection wiring, up to 600V. The compressed 8000 series aluminum conductor for this electrical cable has good thermal and electrical conductivity, improving the PV cable’s flexibility and performance. 

Also Known As:

600 photovoltaic cable, 600 photovoltaic wire, 600 pv cable, 600 2kv pv wire, 600 mcm photovoltaic cable, 600 mcm photovoltaic wire, 600 mcm pv cable, 600 mcm 2kv pv wire, 600 solar pv wire, 600 solar pv cable, 600 aluminum alloy cable, 600 all aluminum alloy conductor, 600 abrasive resistant cable. 


  • ASTM B-800

  • ASTM B-836

  • ASTM B-901

  • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) 4703

  • Type USE – 2 or RHW – 2 /RHH



The PV cable conductor is an 8000 series aluminum conductor. These conductors are also light, soft, and flexible, hence easy to work with, especially during installation.


The solar PV wire has a black color coded cross linked polyethylene (XLP) insulation, which improves the service life of the cable. XLP is resistant to abrasion, heat, corrosive chemicals, moisture, and sunlight, making the cable withstand the punishing outdoor conditions. Due to color coding, it is easily identifiable and non-conducting, which keeps the user safe from shocks.


    • Size (AWG or KCM): 600

    • No. of Strands: 61

    • Insulation Thickness (inches): 0.125

    • Nominal Diameter (inches): 1.063

    • Appox. Weight (lbs./kft.): 737

    • DC Resistance at 20°C: 0.0289

    • Ampacity: 385 Amps

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600 MCM AWG Aluminum 600 V Photovoltaic PV Wire