6 AWG (133/27) Type SGT 80°C Battery Cable

6 AWG (37/.0266) BC SGT 80C

6 AWG (133/27) Type SGT 80°C Battery Cable


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Product Information


6 AWG (133/27) Type SGT 80°C Battery Cable


The SGT battery cable is an electrical wire that is used in cars, busses, boats, trucks, tractors, and RV’s, particularly between the grounding and battery terminal and starter. The operating temperature range of this battery wire is up to 80°C, and this electrical wire has a voltage rating of 60V.

Also Known As:

6 awg battery cable, 6 car battery cable, 6 awg battery wire, 6 sgt cable, 6 awg sgt battery cable, 6 awg sae j1127 type sgt, 6 gauge sae j1127 sgt type 2 60v.


  • • SAE J1127



This battery cable conductor is made of bare copper. Copper is used for this application because of its amazing electrical properties and flexibility.


Insulation is very important in any electrical cable since it prevents the electrocution of cable handlers. This automotive cable’s insulation is made of PVC.


  • • Gauge (AWG): 6
  • • Conductor Stranding: 133/27
  • • Insul. Thickness (inches): 0.060
  • • Wire Thickness (inches): 0.301
  • • Approx. Weight (lbs/1000 ft): 106

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6 AWG (133/27) Battery Cable SGT 80C | Nassau Cable