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504-22-6040 Okonite X-Ray/Hi-Voltage Cable - 65 kV - 3 Conductors w/ Cellophane Wrap

504-22-6040 Okonite X-Ray/Hi-Voltage Cable - 65 kV - 3 Conductors w/ Cellophane Wrap
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504-22-6040 Okonite X-Ray/Hi-Voltage Cable - 65 kV - 3 Conductors w/ Cellophane Wrap

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Product Information



Okonite X-Ray cables are suitable for use on X-Ray apparatus for medical, industrial, research and control applications. They give trouble-free performance where pulse type high voltages are required. Although primarily used with medical diagnostic imaging equipment, Okonite X-Ray cables are also used with equipment in industrial applications as well as in research projects where high voltages, low power are required.

Typically, Okonite X-Ray cables are used to supply the anode and cathode voltages to the X-Ray tube. Since one terminal operates at a negative potential and the other at a positive potential, the voltage across the X-Ray tube is twice (2X) the rated voltage of the cable.

The two usual constructions are (1) three conductor (3/C) used on typical cathode cable installations, and (2) four conductor (4/C) utilized on installations with a grid controlled lead. Upon request, designs and constructions can be developed for special applications.

Product Features

  • Performance tested for long trouble-free service.
  • Small diameter.
  • Flexible construction.
  • Excellent flexing endurance.
  • Mechanically rugged.
  • Easy to strip and terminate.
  • Resistant to most oils and chemicals.
  • Complies with NEMA Standard XR-7 where applicable.


The minimum bending radius for permanent installation or flexing in service is four times the cable diameter.


Cable Core: Each cable contains two #15 AWG (19x) [1.65mm2] tinned copper filament wires insulated with heat sealed color coded polyester tape. Three conductor cores include two uninsulated #18 AWG [0.83mm2] flex stranded tinned copper wires. Four conductor cables include one #20 AWG (7x) [0.52mm2] copperweld conductor per ASTM - 45 insulated with heat sealed polyester and shielded with metalized red polyester. The four conductor core includes three uninsulated #18 AWG flex stranded tinned copper wires.

All conductors are twisted together into a composite assembly.

Core Shield: An extruded layer of semiconducting compound encapsulates the composite core assembly.

Insulation: Okonites premium high voltage EPR (ethylene propylene rubber) insulation is extruded in tandem with the semiconducting compound ensuring an intimate contaminant free bond between the layers

Shield: A semiconducting tape is applied over the insulation with a tinned copper wire braid. Minimum coverage indicated in table.

Jacket: A light gray flexible Okoseal (specially compounded PVC) jacket is extruded over the shield to provide additional mechanical strength and resistance to most oils and chemicals.

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