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400 MCM 37/.1040 Strands PV Wire Photovoltaic Cable Single Core 600V

400 MCM 37/.1040 Strands PV Wire Photovoltaic Cable Single Core 600V
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400 MCM 37/.1040 Strands PV Wire Photovoltaic Cable Single Core 600V

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Product Information


400 MCM 37/.1040 Strands PV Wire Photovoltaic Cable Single Core 600V

Also Known As:

Photovoltaic PV Cable, Solar pv cable, Solar pv wire, 600v pv wire, Copper pv wire, PV wire in conduit, Photovoltaic cable, PV cable, single core wire,  600v pv wire, 400 pv wire,  pv wire, solar pv wire, photovoltaic wire.


Photovoltaic (PV) wire is a type of electrical wire specifically designed and manufactured to handle the unique needs of solar panel (photovoltaic) systems. When sunlight strikes a solar panel, it generates direct current (DC) electricity. This electricity needs to be conducted efficiently and safely from the solar panels to the inverter, where it's typically converted to alternating current (AC) to be used in homes or businesses or to be fed into the electrical grid.

Photovoltaic wire is a brand of medium voltage photovoltaic cables primarily used for solar power applications. The electric cable is suitable for direct burial, where it is used as an interconnection wire for both grounded and ungrounded PV systems. The electrical wire is used to connect photovoltaic cells to combiner boxes, combiner boxes to inverters, and inverters to the transformers. The electrical wire is rated 600v. It can be used as RHH/RHW-2 and RWU90 and also can be utilized for USE-2 applications.

 Photovoltaic wire is suitable for solar power generation, transmission and distribution in domestic, commercial, and industrial utilities. The cable has a temp rating of 90 C in both wet and dry places. The lowest possible temperature is -40 C. It has a possibility to resist deformation at extreme temperatures. The durability is one of the highest among photovoltaic wires.

Applications of 600V Single-Core Photovoltaic Cable:

A 600V single-core photovoltaic (PV) cable is commonly used in solar power generation systems. Specifically designed for the harsh outdoor environments often associated with solar installations, these cables are UV-resistant, temperature-resistant, and are constructed to handle the voltage levels commonly found in smaller to medium-sized solar power installations.

Typical applications are:

  • Solar Panels to Junction Boxes or Combiners
  • Interconnection of Panels
  • Connection to Inverters
  • Home Solar Power Systems
  • Grounding and Bonding
  • Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Portable Solar Generators
  • Other Renewable Energy Installations

Particular Applications of 400 MCM 37/.1040 Strands PV Wire Photovoltaic Cable Single Core 600V:

  • Enormous Utility-Scale Solar Installations
  • Interconnections in Immense Solar Installations
  • Connecting to Large Combiner Boxes
  • Voltage Drop Mitigation Over Long Transmissions
  • Main Transmission Lines in Large Solar Facilities
  • Connecting Expansive Battery Storage Facilities
  • Robust Grounding for Gigantic Installations
  • Significant Battery Backup Systems
  • Integration in Very Large Renewable Energy Setups
  • Connections to the Largest Central Inverters


  • NEC 690.31(A)
  • NEC NFPA 70
  • UL 4703
  • UL Limited Smoke Rating
  • UL 44
  • UL 854
  • National Electrical Manufacturers Association WC70
  • ICEA S 95 658



 Tinned coated compressed copper conductor per ASTM B33 and ASTM B8. Depending on the size, the conductors are either class C and class B stranded.


The lead-free ethylene Propylene Rubber insulation has excellent resistance to sunlight.


XL-CPE (Cross-linked polyethylene) jacket is resistant to oil, flames, chemicals, and sunlight. The jacket is black.


  • General Cable Catalog Number: 12211.716400
  • Cond. Size (Awg/kcmil): 400
  • Cond. Strand: 37/.1040
  • Nominal Cond. O.d. Inches:  0.706
  • Minimum Avg. Insulation Thickness Inches: 0.065
  • Minimum Avg. Jacket (Sheath) Thickness Inches: 0.080
  • Nominal Cable Diameter: 1.010
  • Copper Weight Lbs: 1235
  • Net Weight Lbs: 1508

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