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400 MCM (4123/30) BC AWM 1284

400 MCM (4123/30) BC AWM 1284
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400 MCM (4123/30) BC AWM 1284

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Product Information


400 MCM (4123/30) BC AWM 1284


The lead hook up wire is an electrical wire developed for use in electronics, such as motors, control panels, generators, machine tools, appliance applications, and manufacturing. The maximum temperature is 105°C for continuous use. If you are looking where to buy hook up wire as an electrical cable of choice, Nassau National Cable is among the leading lead wire suppliers with a wide hook up wire assortment.

Also Known As:

400 mcm hook up wire, 400 mcm lead wire cable, 400 mcm hook cable, 400 mcm lead cable, 400 mcm lead wire, 400 hook up wire, 400 lead wire cable, 400 hook cable, 400 lead cable, 400 lead wire, 400 mcm stranded hookup wire, 400 mcm lead covered wire, 400 mcm electrode lead wires, 400 mcm electrical lead wire, 400 mcm high voltage lead wire, 400 mcm type ul.


Temperature Range/Voltage Rating:

  • UL 1283/1284/1232/1346/1339/BC-5W2: 105°C/600V
  • UL 10269: 105°C/1000V
  • UL MTW: 90°C/600V
  • CSA AWM I A/B & TEW: 105°C/600V

Flame Compliances:

  • UL VW-1
  • CSA FT-1

Industry Approvals:

  • UL Standard 758 - Styles 1232/1283/1284/1339/1346/10269
  • UL Standard 1063 - MTW
  • UL Standard 83 - THHW
  • UL Standard 1426 - BC-5W2: 6 AWG - 4/0 AWG
  • UL CT Tray Rated: 1/0 AWG - 750 MCM
  • SAE J1127 Type SGT (6 AWG - 4/0 AWG)



This lead wire conductor is a bare copper conductor stranded as per ASTM B8. These conductors are soft, flexible, and lightweight, making hook wires easy to install by folding and bending them without using excessive effort. 

Copper is well known for its good electrical conductivity due to good tensile strength, thermal conductivity, and creep resistance. Therefore, it is no doubt that this hook up wire will ensure a smooth power transmission in your wiring systems for a longer time.


Reinforced insulation is provided by a PVC jacket, which is sunlight-resistant, per ICEA S-97-682 and UL Standard 1072.


  • AWG (Stranding): 400 (4123/30)
  • Insulation Thickness (inches): 0.097
  • Insulation Thickness (mm): 2.5
  • Nominal O.D. (inches): 1.001
  • Nominal O.D. (mm): 25.4
  • Standard Unit Weight (lbs/1k ft): 1322
  • Standard Unit Weight (kg/km): 1967

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