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350-4 Type W Multi-Conductor 2kV Portable Power Cable

350-4 Type W Multi-Conductor 2kV Portable Power Cable
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350-4 Type W Multi-Conductor 2kV Portable Power Cable


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350-4 Type W Multi-Conductor 2kV Portable Power Cable

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Product Information


350-4 Type W Multi-Conductor 2kV Portable Power Cable

Allowable Ampacity For 350-4 Type W Multi-Conductor Portable Power Cable : 396 Amps NEC, 368 Amps CEC.

Also Known As:

350-4 Type W Portable Power Cable, 350-4 Type W Mining Cable, 350-4 Type W cable, 350-4 Type W Portable Power Cord, 350-4 Type W Entertainment Cable, 350-4 Type W, 350-4 Multi-Conductor Type W, 350-4 Type W Power Cable, 350-4 Portable Power Cable, 350-4 Portable Power Cable, 350-4 Rubber Insulated Cable, 350-4 Heavy-duty Power Cable.

350-4 Type W Applications:

Type W Multi Conductor Cable is used in the entertainment industry's power supply, including television program shoots, music sound stages, and concerts. The electrical cable is suitable for outdoor applications and in portable lighting systems used on movie production sets, theaters, and stages. The cable is known for its excellent portability and electrical transmission efficiency. The electrical cable is rated 2000V.

  Type W General Applications:

  • Mining Operations: Type W cable is commonly used in mines due to its durability and ability to withstand the harsh conditions found underground. This includes powering machinery like shovels, draglines, and pumps.
  • Temporary Power Generation: Its durability makes Type W an excellent choice for providing power in temporary setups, such as events, fairs, or concerts, especially in outdoor or rugged settings.
  • Shipyards and Marine Settings: The cable's resistance to moisture and heavy-duty construction. 
  • Heavy Industrial Equipment: In manufacturing plants, refineries, and other industrial settings, especially where the machinery may be exposed to the elements or abrasive substances.
  • Cranes and Material Handling Equipment: The cable's robust construction and ability to deliver high power make it suitable for powering cranes, hoists, and other heavy material handling equipment.
  • Construction Sites: Type W cable is used at construction sites to provide power to various equipment, especially in scenarios where the power requirement is temporary, and the conditions can be rough.
  • Tunneling, Boring, and Drilling Operations
  • Emergency Generators
  • Stage and Lighting
  • Battery Connections

Applications of Type W Cable in Size 350-4:

  • Industrial Power Substations as a primary feeder
  • Major Temporary Power Setups
  • Large-scale Mining Equipment
  • Mega Construction Equipment
  • Large Generator Systems (in critical infrastructures like hospitals, data centers, or emergency response facilities).
  • Heavy Industrial Processes (steel mills, refineries)
  • Water Desalination Plants:
  • Rail Systems
  • Wind Turbine Installations
  • Data Centers

350-4 Type W Standards:

  • UL Subject 1680
  • CSA C22.2 No. 96
  • NEC Article 520, 525 & 530
  • CEC Part I, Table 11
  • RoHS
  • MSHA

350-4 Type W Construction:


Fully annealed Class K stranded bare copper per ASTM B 174.


EPDM/CPE insulation resistant to sunlight, water, ozone, abrasion, acids, alkalis, heat, flame, and chemicals.

350-4 Type W Specification:

  • AWG Size: 350
  • Number of Conductors: 4
  • Stranding: 888/24
  • Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches: 0.095
  • Nominal Diameter (inches): 2.6960
  • Net Weight (Lbs/1000 FT): 7505

Compatible with Manufacturer

Omni Cable : B535004
Priority Wire & Cable : 350-04 TYPEW

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