3/0-3 Powerflex Type SHD-GC Mining Industrial Cable 2000V

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3/0-3 PowerFlex Type SHD-GC Mining Industrial Cable 2000V

3/0-3 PowerFlex Type SHD-GC Mining Industrial Cable 2000V
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3/0-3 PowerFlex Type SHD-GC Mining Industrial Cable 2000V

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Max Length: 10000 FT
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Product Information


3/0-3 Powerflex Type SHD-GC Mining Industrial Cable 2000v

Allowable Ampacity For 3/0-3 Powerflex Type SHD-GC Mining Industrial Cable: 316 Amps


Powerflex Type SHD-GC electrical cables are designed for mobile, reeling, or stationary mining equipment, continuous mining machines or longwall loading machines, blast hole drillers, and heavy-duty trailing cables where maximum protection is required. It is suitable for medium and high voltage use on shovels, draglines, dredges, and cranes. This electrical cable is also suitable for high voltage distribution in mines and tunnels where more flexibility is desired, especially in vertical drops. Powerflex SHD-GC is also an excellent choice for marine ship to shore power supplies as it is designed for the harshest conditions and environments. 

Also Known As:

3/0-3 Powerflex Type SHD-GC Power Cable, 3/0-3 Powerflex SHD-GC Type Mining Power Feeder Cable, 3/0-3 Powerflex Type SHD-GC Cable, 3/0-3 Powerflex SHD-GC.


  • ASTM B-33 and B-172

  • MSHA P-122 and Pennsylvania DER (P-122-53) accepted 
  • UL 
  • CSA 
  • ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC-58



Soft drawn, annealed, tinned copper conductors


black flame resistant EPR that provides ozone, oil, water, solvent corrosive, and abrasion resistance. A mylar separator is applied under the insulation to aid in stripping. The insulation shield consists of a tinned 5-wire copper braid (60% coverage) duplexed with a nylon denier colored tracer (40% coverage). The assembly includes two tinned copper bare ground wires that maintain contact with the insulation shields and one yellow tinned copper HD EPR insulated ground checks for monitoring purposes. A served woven nylon polyester binder is applied over the cable for added core stability. 


 The outer jacket is a dual-layer, black, flame resistant, thermosetting CPE rubber that provides excellent resistance to UV, oil, water, solvents, corrosives, cuts, tears, and abrasion. A woven nylon polyester binder is served between the two jackets to provide added dynamic and mechanical resistance. 


  • AWG Size: 3/0
  • Conductor Strands: 532
  • Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches: 0.080
  • Grounding Cond. Size: 2
  • Grounding Cond. Strands: 2
  • O.D. (Inches): 2.31''
  • New Weight lb/1000FT: 4684 lbs 

Compatible with Manufacturer

Priority Cable : 3/0-032KV-SHDGC

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