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2/0 Quail ACSR - Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced

2/0 Quail ACSR - Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced
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2/0 Quail ACSR - Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced


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2/0 Quail ACSR - Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced
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Product Information


2/0 Quail ACSR - Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced

Allowable Ampacity for 2/0 QUAIL ACSR: 276 Amps

Also Known As:

2/0 quail steel reinforced cable, 2/0 quail acsr wire, 2/0 quail acsr cable, 2/0 quail aluminum conductor steel reinforced, 2/0 quail acsr aluminum conductor steel reinforced, 2/0 quail all aluminum conductor, 2/0 quail aluminum alloy cable, 2/0 quail abrasive resistant cable, 2/0 quail transmission overhead,  2/0 quail overhead power line components, 2/0 acsr conductor, acsr aluminum, 2/0 acsr cable

2/0 ACSR Cable Applications:

ACSR wire, or Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced cable, is an electrical cable mainly used for distribution services as well as bare overhead transmission, both primary and secondary, in various industrial settings, including construction. ACSR cable is especially suitable for line design due to its steel core strand, which increases the strength of the cable without sacrificing its ampacity, yet affects the ACSR wire price. The aluminum alloy conductor in ACSR wire prevents overheating and allows for extra flexibility of the electrical wire. 

Here are some typical applications where ACSR cables are used:

Power Transmission and Distribution

  • High-Voltage Overhead Transmission Lines: ACSR is commonly used in the construction of high-voltage transmission lines between substations and across long distances, often across regions.
  • Substations: Used for connecting various components like transformers, circuit breakers, and other heavy electrical equipment within substations.
  • Rural and Remote Areas: Often used for power distribution in rural or remote areas where the line might need to cover long distances.
  • Urban Overhead Networks: Sometimes used in cities for distributing electricity, especially where high mechanical strength is needed to span between tall towers.
  • Secondary Distribution Lines: Used for medium-voltage distribution from substations to residential and industrial areas.

Specialized Applications

  • River Crossings: Due to its high tensile strength, ACSR is often used for river crossings where the cables are subjected to high mechanical stress.
  • Mountainous or Hilly Terrain: Suitable for rough terrains due to its mechanical robustness.
  • Railway and Highway Crossings: Used where the lines need to span across wide areas without support, like crossing highways or railway tracks.

  • Renewable Energy Systems: Used in wind and solar farms for transmitting power to the grid, often over rough terrains or long distances.
  • Coastal Areas: In some cases, specialized types of ACSR cables may be used in coastal areas where corrosion resistance is required.
  • Industrial Complexes: Used for power distribution within large industrial complexes where high mechanical strength is beneficial.

Other Uses

  • Temporary Structures: Sometimes used in temporary power structures like in emergency power supply setups or construction sites.

2/0 ACSR Cable Standards:

  • B-230 Aluminum wire, 1350-H19 for Electrical Purposes 
  • B-231 Aluminum conductors, concentric lay stranded 
  • B-232 Aluminum conductors, concentric lay stranded, coated steel reinforced (ACSR) 
  • B-341 Aluminum coated steel core wire for aluminum conductors, steel reinforced (ACSR/AZ) 
  • B-498 Zinc coated steel core wire for aluminum conductors, steel reinforced (ACSR) 
  • B-500 Metallic coat

2/0 ACSR Cable Construction


ACSR (aluminum conductor steel reinforced) has a concentric steel core stranding conductor consisting of Aluminum Alloy 1350-H19 wires, available with Class A, B, or C galvanizing, aluminum coated (AZ), or with aluminum-clad steel core (AL). 

2/0 ACSR Cable Specifications:

  • Size (AWG or KCM): 2/0
  • Stranding (AL/STL): 6/1
  • Diameter Inches: Aluminum: 0.1489
  • Diameter Inches: Steel: 0.1489
  • Diameter Inches: Steel Core: 0.1489
  • Diameter Inches: Cable OD: 0.447
  • Weight lb/1000FT: Aluminum: 124.3
  • Weight lb/1000FT: Steel: 58.7
  • Weight lb/1000FT: Total: 183.0
  • Content %: Aluminum: 67.90
  • Content %: Steel: 32.10
  • Rate Breaking Strength (lbs.): 5,300
  • OHMS/1000ft: DC at 20ºC: 0.1260
  • OHMS/1000ft: AC at 75ºC: 0.176
  • Ampacity: 276 Amps

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2/0 Quail ACSR Aluminum Conductor Reinforced Steel Cable