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18 AWG (16/30) MTW ROHS Machine Tool Wire

18 AWG (16/30) MTW ROHS Machine Tool Wire
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18 AWG (16/30) MTW ROHS Machine Tool Wire


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18 AWG (16/30) MTW ROHS Machine Tool Wire

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Product Information


18 AWG (16/30) MTW ROHS Machine Tool Wire


The stranded machine tool wire is an electrical wire developed for use in the internal wiring for electrical appliances and equipment, serving both in the indoor and outdoor applications in the domestic set up. Due to its exceptional electrical conductivity, the cable is also used in the panels and meters internal wiring, as well as point to point wiring. The lead wire is flame-retardant and has a high-temperature rating of about 90ºC at 600V, which implies that this electrical cable can work efficiently in harsh climatic conditions.

Also Known As:

18 awg machine tool wire, 18 awg awm 1015, 18 awg awm 1015 wire, 18 awg lead wire cable, 18 awg lead cable, 18 awg lead wire, 18 machine tool wire, 18 awm 1015, 18 awm 1015 wire, 18 lead wire cable, 18 lead cable, 18 lead wire, 18 awg lead covered wire, 18 awg electrical lead wire, 18 awg high voltage lead wire, 18 awg type ul.


  • UL Standard 758 - Styles 1011/1015/1028/1032/1230/1231/1335/1344
  • UL Standard 1063 - MTW
  • UL Standard 1426 - BC-5W2
  • CSA AWM I A/B & TEW SAE J378
  • RoHS Compliant Directive 2011/65/EU
  • Passes VW-1 Vertical Flame Test



This machine tool wire conductor is made up of copper wire. It comes in two different conductor types; stranded or solid. Some of the conductors are bare while others are tinned. Since copper is highly reactive, it is appropriate to use tinned copper wire in areas where there are more chemical reactions. Stranded conductor serves you right in applications that need more flexibility while the solid wire is good for systems where cable strength is the top requirement.


The machine tool wire cable has a color-coded Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material that serves as the insulation material for the MTW-UL 1015 stranded tinned copper hook up wire. This PVC has ultra-high strength and durability, providing reliable security to the conductors.


  • AWG Size: 18
  • Cond. Strand: 16/30
  • Nom. Insul. Thick. (inches): 0.032
  • Nom. O.D. (inches): 0.120
  • Approx. Net Weight (Lbs/M.): 10

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18 AWG (16/30) MTW ROHS Machine Tool Wire