18/12 Shielded Triads Overall Shield (STOS) PVC PLTC Tray Cable

18/12 Shielded Triads Overall Shield (STOS) PVC PLTC Tray Cable

18/12 Shielded Triads Overall Shield (STOS) PVC PLTC Tray Cable


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Product Information


18/12 Shielded Triads Overall Shield (STOS) PVC PLTC Tray Cable


Shielded Triads with Overall Shield (STOS) tray cables are designed for low-voltage tray applications in circuits with limited power because their voltage rating is 300 V. 

Shielded Triads with Overall Shield (STOS) tray cables are dual-listed as PLTC and ITC. These abbreviations respectively correspond to the terms "power limited tray cable" and "instrumentation tray cable." As ITC, the cable is used exclusively in 150 V circuits. 

Because of their shielding, these cables are generally used where there has to be maximum noise rejection. They are also used in manufacturing plants, storage areas, offices, and labs with medium to low noise levels. PLTC is suitable for internal connections, audio communication, and alarm systems.

Shielding gives these cables protection from noise and electromagnetic interference. Another benefit of STOS 300V is its extreme flexibility. The maximum recommended operating temperature is 105°C.

Also Known As:

18/12 Cable Tray, 18/12 Cable Tray Types, 18/12 Electrical Cable Tray, 18/12 Pvc Cable Tray, 18/12 wire cable tray, 18/12 cable tray wire, 18/12 PLTC Cable, 18/12 ITC Cable,18/12 PVC Cable, 18/12 Tray Instrument Cable, 18/12 Tray Instrumentation Cable, 18/12 STOS Cable, 18/12 Low-Voltage Tray Cable, 18/12 Shielded Tray Cable, 18/12 Power Limited Tray Cable.


  • • NEC Article 725 as PLTC
  • • NEC Article 727 as ITC
  • • UL 13 as PLTC
  • • UL 2250 as ITC
  • • NEC Article 336
  • • FT4/IEEE 1202 Flame Test
  • • IEEE 383 Flame Test (70,000 BTU)
  • • EPA 40 CFR, P. 26 C, heavy metals per Table 1, TCLP 


The cable has annealed B bare copper conductors that meet the requirements of ASTM B-33 and B-8. The triads are connected through concentric layers.


A flame-retardant PVC insulation.


PVC is a black durable jacket resistant to moistures, flames, abrasion, chemicals, oils, sunlight, and acids. The jacket has a nylon ripcord for easier maintenance.


The shielded triads with an overall shield assembly is made of aluminum foil or polyester shield. It provides excellent coverage thanks to tinned copper drain wire that is two sizes smaller than the conductors.


  • • Gauge: 18
  • • No. Conductors: 12
  • • Stranding: 7/0.0152
  • • Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches: 0.015
  • • O.D. Inches: 0.884
  • • New Weight lb/1000FT: 449 Lbs

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18/12 Shielded Triads STOS PVC PLTC Tray Cable