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16/25 Unshielded VNTC Tray Cable TC-ER THHN Insulation PVC Jacket 600V E2

16/25 Unshielded VNTC Tray Cable TC-ER THHN Insulation PVC Jacket 600V E2
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16/25 Unshielded VNTC Tray Cable TC-ER THHN Insulation PVC Jacket 600V E2


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16/25 Unshielded VNTC Tray Cable TC-ER THHN Insulation PVC Jacket 600V E2

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Product Information


16/25 Unshielded VNTC Tray Cable TC-ER THHN Insulation PVC Jacket 600V E2


Tray Control Cable THHN/PVC 600V is an electrical cable suitable for all cable trays indoors and outdoors. THHN/PVC tray cables perform identically well in moist and dry locations. The cable is rated at 90°C for dry and 75°C for wet applications. THHN/PVC tray cable is equally great for free air, raceways, exposed run and being directly buried in the ground. The electrical cord is rated 600 V.

Also Known As:

16/25 Cable Tray, 16/25 Cable Tray Types, 16/25 Electrical Cable Tray, 16/25 wire cable tray, 16/25 cable tray wire, 16/25 THHN cable, 16/25 PVC tray cable, 16/25 raceway cable, 16/25 thermoplastic tray cable, 16/25 wire tray, 16/25 multi-conductor THHN cable,16/25  cable tray types, 16/25 PVC cable tray, 16/25 control cable, 16/25 electrical cable tray, 16/25 cable tray systems, 16/25 cable tray price, 16/25 control cable, 16/25 electrical tray, 16/25 raceway cable tray, 16/25 flexible cable tray, 16/25 industrial cable tray, 16/25 underground cable, 16/25 tray control cable with the ground, 16/25 direct burial cable, 16/25 exposed run tray cable, 16/25 ER cable, 16/25 ER tray cable.


• UL Listed as TC-ER (Exposed Run) per UL Standard 1277 and used in accordance with NEC for 3 or more conductors
• UL Listed as TC-ER-JP (Joist Pull) and used in accordance with NEC
• Approved for Class 1 or 2, Division 2 industrial hazardous locations per NEC
• Rated 90°C wet or dry
• Meets cold bend test at -25°C
• ICEA S-95-658, ICEA S-73-532
• UL 66, UL1277
• UL1685 and IEEE 383 70,000 BTU Vertical Flame Test
• UL Listed to IEEE1202 and CSA FT4 70,000 BTU Flame Test


• Fully annealed bare copper Class B compressed strand per ASTM B-3 and ASTM B-8 or flexible stranding per UL 66


• Heat and moisture resistant Polyvinylchloride (PVC) per UL 66
• Clear Polyamide (Nylon) jacket per UL 66


• Conductors are cabled together with or without fillers as required to form a round, compact cable core with a binder tape as needed


• Flame and sunlight resistant black PVC rated 90°C wet or dry per UL 1277. Ripcord provided for jackets with thickness of 60 mils or less.

Color Code:

• ICEA Method 1, Table E-2


• Gauge: 16 AWG
• No. Conductors: 25
• Stranding: 7
• Insulation Thickness: 0.015 Inches
• Nylon Thickness: 0.004 Inches
• Jacket Thickness: 0.060 Inches
• Overall Diameter : 0.750 Inches
• New Weight lb/1000FT: 380 Lbs

Manufacturer Equivalents

General Cable : 236280
Omni Cable : A11625
Priority Wire : 16-25TC-VN
Houston Wire : HW150 01625

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