16/2 Triads Overall Shield TOS XLP PVC TC-ER Cable

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16/2 Triads Overall Shield (TOS) XLP/PVC TC-ER

16/2 Triads Overall Shield (TOS) XLP/PVC TC-ER
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16/2 Triads Overall Shield (TOS) XLP/PVC TC-ER

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Max Length: 10000 FT
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Product Information


16/2 Triads Overall Shield (TOS) XLP/PVC TC-ER


Tray instrumentation control electrical cables are designed to be used in cable trays and raceways. They are predominantly used in control circuits and instrumentation applications and when supported by a messenger wire. The electrical cable can also be used for power, lighting, control, signal, and fire alarm circuits. The temperature range of the instrumentation cable is -30°C to 90°C. The cable is resistant to oil and sunlight. The voltage rating is 600 volts. It is approved for direct burial.

 Also Known As:

16/2 Cable Tray, 16/2 Cable Tray Types, 16/2 Electrical Cable Tray, 16/2 Pvc Cable Tray, 16/2 wire cable tray, 16/2 cable tray wire, 16/2 TOS cable, 16/2 XLP Cable, 16/2 PVC Cable, 16/2 Shielded Tray Cable, 16/2 Triad Cables, 16/2 Tray Instrument Cable, 16/2 Shielded Instrument Cable, 16/2 Type TC-ER Cable, Power and Control Tray Cable Type TC, 16/2 Type TC cable.


  • • UL Standard 1277 Type TC-ER
  • • NEC Article 336
  • • UL 1685 Flame Test 
  • • IEEE 383 Flame Test
  • • ICEA S-73-532
  • • ICEA S-95-658 (WC70)
  • • EPA 40 CFR


A stranded bare copper conductor with excellent conductivity per ASTM B-8 and B-3. Conductors are highly flexible.


XLPE cross-linked polyethylene insulation is resistant to moisture, flame, heat, and mechanical impact. It is flame-retardant and oil-resistant. The insulation has good dielectric strength and minimum resistance. It is very flexible so that the cable can be folded with ease.


PVC is a black durable jacket resistant to moistures, flames, abrasion, chemicals, oils, sunlight, and acids. The jacket is color-coded in black and white.


An aluminum or polyester foil shield is designed for extra protection from high-power voltages and electrical interference.


  • • Gauge :16
  • • No. Conductors: 2
  • • Stranding: 7/0.0152 
  • • Insulation Wall, Nom OD Inches: 0.030
  • • O.D. Inches: 0.644
  • • New Weight lb/1000FT: 160 Lbs

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