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Product Information


16/2 SJOOW Portable Cord 300V Black

Allowable Ampacity For 16/2 SJOOW Black 300V: 10 Amps


SJOOW is a junior service entrance cable that is resistant to oil, weather, and water. The voltage of the electrical cable is 300 volts. The cable is designed to be used in portable tools and appliances, as well as small motors, temporary power distribution, lighting, and sound systems. SJOOW is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is a highly flexible electrical cable with a superior tensile strength that can serve you for decades. The electrical cable is perfect for harsh conditions in -40°C to 105°C temperature extremes. 

Also Known As:

16/2 SJOOW Portable Power Cable, 16/2 SJOOW, 16/2 SJOOW Extension Cord, 16/2  SJOOW Power Cord, 16/2 SJOOW Portable Cord, 16/2 SJOOW Service Cord, 16/2 SJOOW Service Cable, 16/2 SJOOW Cord, 16/2 SOOW Cable, 16/2 SJOOW Wire, 16/2 SJOOW Flexible Power Cable, 16/2 SJOOW Control Cable.


  • UL Standard 62
  • NEC 501.140 Class I Div. 2
  • CSA 22. 2 No. 49
  • MSHA
  • NEC Article 400
  • Federal Spec #JC580B
  • RoHS



Stranded, bare, and fully soft annealed copper conductor, Class K per ASTM B174. Suitable for harsh conditions.


SOOW Cord UL/CSA has an EPDM l insulation. EPDM is an initial for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. EPDM is a synthetic rubber that has the ability to be deformed into the required shape. It is also elastic with an excellent tensile strength of about 1000 PSI (pounds per square inch). Tensile strength gives it good resistance to breaking, even under tension. It has 300% flexibility that enables it to regain its original shape and size after a stretch.

EPDM is a good insulator due to its excellent resistance to severe weather, acids, alkalis, aging, water, ozone, sunlight, and oxygen. This excellent resistance ensures the conductor remains effectively functional throughout its service life with no physical or mechanical distraction.


A Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE is a heavy-duty thermoplastic polymer jacket that has superior resistance to chemicals and flames. The jacket is impressively flexible and durable.


  • Gauge :16 AWG   
  • No. Conductors:2
  • Stranding: 26/30
  • Insulation Wall Inches: 0.030"" 
  • O.D. Inches: 0.310""
  • New Weight lb/1000FT: 46 lbs
  • Amps: 10

Manufacturer Equivalents

Coleman : Black : 823226
General Cable : Black : 1312
Omni Cable : Black : BJ11602
Southwire : Black : 55811899
Wirexpress : Black : 4B-1602

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16/2 SJOOW Portable Power Cable - Black | Nassau Cable