14 AWG (41/30) Hook Up Lead Wire Tc AWM 3271

14 AWG (41/30) Hook Up Lead Wire Tc AWM 3271

14 AWG (41/30) Hook Up Lead Wire Tc AWM 3271


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Product Information


14 AWG (41/30) HOOK UP LEAD WIRE TC AWM 3271


The lead hook up wire is an electrical wire developed for use in motor engines, military aerospace, industrial machines, and as single or three-phase transformer wiring. The maximum temperature is 125°C for continuous use at 600V. If you are looking where to buy hook up wire as your electrical cable of choice, Nassau National Cable is among the leading lead wire suppliers with a wide hook up wire assortment.

Also Known As:

14 awg hook up wire, 14 awg lead wire cable, 14 awg hook cable, 14 awg lead cable, 14 awg lead wire, 14 hook up wire, 14 lead wire cable, 14 hook cable, 14 lead cable, 14 lead wire, 14 awg stranded hookup wire, 14 awg lead covered wire, 14 awg electrode lead wires, 14 awg electrical lead wire, 14 awg high voltage lead wire, 14 awg type ul.


Temperature Range/Voltage Rating:

  • UL 758: 150°C/600VAC 750VDC
  • CSA AWM: 150°C/600V
  • CSA CL 1503

Flame Compliances:

  • CSA FT-1 & FT-2

Industry Approvals:

  • UL Standard 758 - Styles 3271/3289/3321/3505
  • CSA AWM I A/B, CL 1503



This lead wire conductor is a tinned copper conductor. The size of the conductor dictates the application and the type of installation the cable will use, as well as its totaling weight; the bigger the conductor the higher the electrical resistivity. Copper has good electrical properties, which improve the voltage distribution of the hook up wire, as it will not succumb to deformations. 

The cable is also tinned for maximum performance. Tinning reduces friction build up as it makes the surface of the conductors smoother. This offers free strip from the insulation, reducing the termination time during installation.


The hook up cable has XLPE insulation, which is flexible but very tough, made of a complex chain of molecules forming a sturdy polymer. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, is resistant to chemicals and UV light deformations, water-tight, and easy to cut. 


  • Conductor (AWG): 14
  • Stranding No. x AWG: 41x30
  • Nom. Diam. of Cond. (inches): 0.067
  • Wire O.D. (inches): 0.136
  • Approx. Wt. lb./1000 ft.: 18.5

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14 AWG (41/30) Hook Up Lead Wire TC AWM 3271 | Nassau Cable