115-23-8508 Okoguard Submarine Cable - 15kv - 2/0 AWG

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115-23-8508 Okoguard Submarine Cable - 15kv - 2/0 AWG

115-23-8508 Okoguard Submarine Cable - 15kv - 2/0 AWG
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115-23-8508 Okoguard Submarine Cable - 15kv - 2/0 AWG

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Product Information



Okoguard Is Okonite's registered trade name for its exclusive ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) base, thermosetting compound, whose optimum balance of electrical and physical properties is unequaled in other solid dielectrics. Okoguard insulation, with the distinctive red color and a totally integrated EPR system, provides the optimum balance of electrical and physical properties for long, problem free service.

Screens and Shielding

Strand and insulation screens are extruded semiconducting EPR materials completely compatible with the insulation. In addition, they are triple-tandem extruded with the insulation to provide a contaminate and ionization-free interface that will not separate with time and become a source of corona discharge. A 5-mil thick copper tape with 25% overlap is applied over the outer screen completes the shielding system.


Each insulated conductor is covered with an extruded Okolene (Polyethylene) jacket. Multiple galvanized steel wires provide the primary mechanical protection and, in addition, provide longitudinal strength for laying the cable on the sea bottom and, if ever necessary, for its retrieval. Each armor wire maybe provided with a high density polyethylene jacket for additional corrosion protection. A heavy layer of tough nylon over the armor protects it from scrapes and damage during the laying process.


The individually jacket single conductors are assembled with fillers and a binder tape overall. One or more ground conductors can be placed in outer interstices of the cable. Over the core binder, a layer of polypropylene yarn is applied as an armor bedding. The armor is applied over the bedding and a tough nylon serving slushed with tar is applied overall.


Conductor: Uncoated (or optional coated), Class B stranded per ASTM B-8, and compressed.
Strand/Insulation Screens: Thermoset semiconducting EPR screens triple-tandem extruded with and bonded to the insulation exceed the physical and conductivity requirements of ICEA S-93-639/NEMA WC74 and AEIC CS8.
Insulation: Meets or exceeds electrical and physical requirements of ICEA S-93-639/NEMA WC74 and AEIC CS8 where applicable.
Shield: 5 mil bare copper tape helically applied.
Jacket: Black Okolene (polyethylene) meets or exceeds the requirements of ICEA S-93-639/NEMA WC74 and ASTM D-1248.
Armor: Meets physical requirements of ICEA S-93-639/NEMA WC74 for Division I type round galvanized steel armor wire.

Product Features:

  • Triple-tandem extruded, all EPR system.
  • Custom designed.
  • Other voltages available.
  • URO-J concentric neutral cable design for the 1/C cables are also available.
  • Okoguard cables meet or exceed all recognized industry standards UL, AEIC, NEMA/ICEA.
  • 105°C continuous operating temperatures.
  • 140°C emergency rating.
  • 250°C short circuit rating.
  • Excellent corona resistance.
  • Exceptional resistance to"treeing".
  • Specially designed control, signal and fiberoptic components can be included in the cable interstices.
  • Okoguard Submarine Power Cables are also available with 5, 8, 25 and 35kV ratings.

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