10 AWG 5C Shielded VNTC Tray Cable TC THHN Insulation PVC Jacket 600V


10 AWG 5C Shielded VNTC Tray Cable TC THHN Insulation PVC Jacket 600V


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10 AWG 5C Shielded VNTC Tray Cable TC THHN Insulation PVC Jacket 600V

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Product Information


10 AWG 5C Shielded VNTC Tray Cable TC THHN Insulation PVC Jacket 600V


Tray Control Cable THHN/PVC Shielded 600V is an electrical cable suitable for all cable trays indoors and outdoors. THHN/PVC tray cables perform identically well in moist and dry locations. The electrical cable is rated at 90°C for dry and 75°C for wet applications. The minimum recommended temperature is -30°C. THHN/PVC tray cable is equally great for free air, raceways, exposed run and being directly buried in the ground. The electrical cord is rated 600 V. It has crush and impact requirements of Type MC cable.

Also Known As:

10/5 Cable Tray, 10/5 Cable Tray Types, 10/5 Electrical Cable Tray, 10/5 wire cable tray, 10/5 cable tray wire, 10/5 THHN cable, 10/5 PVC tray cable, 10/5 raceway cable, 10/5 thermoplastic tray cable, 10/5 wire tray, 10/5 multi-conductor THHN cable, 10/5 cable tray types, 10/5 PVC cable tray, 10/5 control cable, 10/5 electrical cable tray, 10/5 cable tray systems, 10/5 cable tray price, 10/5 control cable, 10/5 electrical tray, 10/5 raceway cable tray, 10/5 flexible cable tray, 10/5 industrial cable tray, 10/5 underground cable, 10/5 tray control cable with the ground, 10/5 direct burial cable, 10/5 exposed run tray cable, 10/5 cable, 10/5 tray cable, 10/5 TC cable.


UL Listed as TC (Exposed Run) per UL Standard 1277 and used in accordance with NEC for 3 or more conductors
Approved for Class 1 or 2, Division 2 industrial hazardous locations per NEC
Rated 90°C wet or dry
Meets cold bend test at -25°C
ICEA S-95-658, ICEA S-73-532
UL 66, UL1277
UL1685 and IEEE 383 70,000 BTU Vertical Flame Test
UL Listed to IEEE1202 and CSA FT4 70,000 BTU Flame Test


Fully annealed bare copper Class B compressed strand per ASTM B-3 and ASTM B-8


Heat and moisture resistant Polyvinylchloride (PVC) per UL 66
Clear Polyamide (Nylon) jacket per UL 66

Color Code:

ICEA Method 1.


100% coverage spiral wound Aluminum-Mylar tape shield, with a 7 strand tinned flexible copper drain wire


Flame and sunlight resistant black PVC rated 90°C wet or dry per UL 1277. Ripcord provided for jackets with thickness of 60 mils or less.


• Gauge: 10 AWG
• No. Conductors: 5
• Stranding: 7
• Drain Wire Size: 18 AWG
• Insulation Thickness: 0.020 Inches
• Nylon Thickness: 0.004 Inches
• Jacket Thickness: 0.060 Inches
• Overall Diameter : 0.600 Inches
• New Weight lb/1000FT: 284 Lbs

Manufacturer Equivalents

Omni Cable : A21005
Priority Wire : 10-05TC-VN-SHD
Houston Wire : HW153 01005

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10 AWG 5C Shielded VNTC Tray Cable TC THHN Insulation PVC Jacket 600V| Nassau Cable