1-3 Type MP-GC EPR Mining Industrial Cable 8000V

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1/3C Type MP-GC With Ground 2BC + 1GC EPR Mining Industrial Cable 8000V

1/3C Type MP-GC With Ground 2BC + 1GC EPR Mining Industrial Cable 8000V
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1/3C Type MP-GC With Ground 2BC + 1GC EPR Mining Industrial Cable 8000V


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1/3C Type MP-GC With Ground 2BC + 1GC EPR Mining Industrial Cable 8000V
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Product Information


1/3C Type MP-GC With Ground 2BC + 1GC EPR Mining Industrial Cable 8000V


• Mine Power Feeder Cable Extra Heavy Duty EPR/CPE 90°C MSHA Mining grade


• For use as trailing mining cables. For use from 5 kV up to 25kV when installed
inducts, conduit, open air and direct burial in wet and dry locations. Other industrial,
mining applications

Also Known As:

1/3C Type MP-GC EPR Power Cable, 1/3C Type MP-GC EPR Cable, 1/3C MP-GC Type Mining Power Feeder Cable, 1/3C American Mustang Type MP-GC Cable, 1/3C Type MP-GC, 1/3C Type MP-GC EPR, 1/3C Type MP-GC 8000V

Conductors: Bare copper concentric strand in accordance with ASTM B 8

Conductor shield: Semi-conductive tape and layer over the conductor. ICEA S-75-381 sec. 3.14

Insulation: Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR). ICEA S-75-381

Insulation shield: Semi-conducting compound as per 4.5 of ICEA S-75-381 and 0.005” copper tape

Circuit identification: Color thread: black, red white applied under metallic shielding tape. ICEA S-75-381 sec.4.6

Grounding: Annealed tin coated copper Class B comply with Tab. 4-1 of ICEA S-75-381

Ground check: Bare copper conductor. ICEA S-75-381 Tab. 4-1.Insulation color: yellow

Assembly: Three power, the ground check, two tinned copper grounding conductors cabled with cured rubber fillers as required to make an essentially round core

Separator: A single faced rubber filled binder tape applied over core.

Outer jacket: A CPE thermosetting compound, extra heavy duty as per Table 3-3,sec. 3.21

Features: Ozone, sun, weather and flame resistant. Oil and heat resistant. Maximum continuous conductor temperature 90°C. Indent printed for easy identification.

Standards: ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC-58,ASTM B-8


• Part No: MPGC8KV1-3-CPE
• Power Conductor Size: 1 AWG
• Power Conductor Stranding: 19
• Ground Size: 8 AWG
• Ground Check Size: 8 AWG
• Nominal Insulation Thickness: 0.115 Inches
• Nominal Jacket Thickness: 0.110 Inches
• Nominal O.D: 1.65 Inches
• Approx. Weight: 2050/1000 lbs
• Maximum Permissible Tensile Force (N): 1900
• PowerGrounding Conductor Size: 1 AWG
• Power Conductor Resistance at 25°C (Ω/1000Ft): 0.129
• Grounding Conductor Resistance at 25°C (Ω/1000Ft): 0.338
• Ground-check Conductor Resistance at 25°C (Ω/1000Ft): 0.652
• Inductance per unit length (mH/1000Ft): 0.107
• Operating Capacitance per unit length (µF/1000Ft): 0.11
• Permissible short-circuit Current (1s) (2): 6.06 kA
• Ampacity(1) 40°C Ambient Temp: 184 A

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