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1/0 Stranded Aluminum Conductor 15KV URD - Full Neutral 100%

1/0 Stranded Aluminum Conductor 15KV URD - Full Neutral 100%
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1/0 Stranded Aluminum Conductor 15KV URD - Full Neutral 100%

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Product Information


1/0 Stranded Aluminum Conductor 15KV URD - Full Neutral 100%


15kV cable is a medium voltage cable, installed through direct burial or in conduit, for underground distribution. This aluminum direct burial cable with copper shielding performs for normal operations at 90°C, emergencies at 130°C, and short-circuiting conditions at 250°C. The 15kV cable does not require pulling lubricants and is used in both wet and dry locations for 15,000 volts power circuits. 

Also Known As:

1/0 stranded 15kv cable, 1/0 stranded medium voltage cable, 1/0 stranded medium voltage wire, 1/0 stranded copper tape shield, 1/0 stranded copper shielding, 1/0 stranded bury cable, 1/0 stranded direct burial cable, 1/0 stranded direct burial power cable, 1/0 stranded medium voltage power cables, 1/0 stranded aluminum direct burial cable. 


  • ASTM B230, B231, B609
  • ANSI/ICEA S-94-649
  • AEIC CS-8
  • For 90°C continuous, 130°C emergency and 250°C short-circuit operation



15kV cable aluminum conductor is made of 1350 aluminum series, which is solid or compressed and soft drawn stranded in accordance with ASTM. The conductor has a filling compound and is water-blocked. 


The 15kV aluminum urd cable has TR-XLPE insulation, which offers high dielectric strength. EPR insulation is also available.

Metal shield:

The metal shield is concentric neutral and consists of solid bare copper wires that cover the insulation shield.


The 15kV cable jacket is black color coded for simpler identification and consists of linear lows density polyethylene (LLDPE). The jacket offers protection from heat, sunlight, and abrasion.


  • Conductor Size (AWG/kcm): 1/0 STR
  • Insulation Thickness (mils): 175
  • Conductor Diameter (inches): 0.364
  • Insulation Diameter (inches): 0.76
  • Insulation Shield Diameter (inches): 0.83
  • Overall Jacket Diameter (inches): 1.07
  • Net Weight (lbs./kft.): 616

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1/0 Stranded Aluminum 15KV URD Cable Full Neutral 100%