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Nassau National Cable: Wire and Cable

Nassau National Cable is one of the biggest sellers of all types of aluminum and copper conductor wire in the United States. The company was founded in 1950. The headquarters are located in Great Neck, NY. The benefits of shopping with us include fast shipping, a vast range of products, an extensive network of cable manufacturers that supply for us, exceptional customer support, frequent sales, benefits for long-term customers, and some of the best prices in the industry.

At Nassau National Cable, we sell hundreds of electrical wire types, including:

This cable type is used for the communication and transmission of data and the internet.

Fiber Optic Wire is the fastest data and communication cable on the market with optic fibers instead of a traditional copper conductor. Types of fiber optic cable include loose tube, tight-buffered wires, and ribbon cables.

This type of wire is designed explicitly for thermostats. 

Romex cable, or NM cable, is used in branch circuits of residential buildings.

Service entrance cable is the most popular type of cable for electrical service and feeder panels. The cables are available with a copper conductor or an aluminum conductor.

MC wire with metallic sheath armor for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Designed specifically to be used in welding machines.

For applications with a voltage lower than 50 V.

Used in locations where the electrical wire is exposed and needs protection from water, weather, and mechanical damage. 

Used in different vehicles, the range includes battery wire and hook-up wire.

A tinned copper wire for use in a corrosive water environment.


Top Brands of Electrical Cable In Our Collection:

Nassau National Cable works directly with famous and well-trusted wire cable brands from the US and all over the world.

The range of Belden wires includes twisted pair cable, VFD cable, coaxial cable, sound cables, and many others.

The brand is a well-known manufacturer of cables for the military, medical establishments, high-tech, and other industries.

An international brand headquartered in Germany known for bus, network, and motor cables.

A top manufacturer of cable for high-tech and robotics industries, as well as halogen-free cables.

A top US producer of transportation, rapid transit, instrumentation, and high-voltage cables.

Our Top Selling Electrical Wire and Cable Are:

This is an underground electrical wire for underground power distribution not exceeding 600 volts. Includes duplex, quadruplex, and triplex wire.

THHN and THWN are thermoplastic building wire coated with nylon

This is an underground wire used to bring underground electricity to the outdoor constructions near buildings.

Waterproof cables used to bring power to submersible pumps.

SOOW cable is a UL-rated control cable used for automation and instrumentation purposes. The wire insulation of this portable cord has excellent resistance to oil, weather, and water.