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Collection: Welding Wire & Cable

Welding Wire & Cable

Welding cables, or welding leads, are durable and flexible high-voltage cables designed for welding machines. Welding machines are the tools that heat metal parts so that a welding specialist can later join them. Naturally, welding cables are designed to survive the extreme heat of a welding machine. The cables are also resistant to abrasion, oil, and moisture. Aside from being used in welding machines, welding cables are perfect for high-current industrial applications in the automotive and shipbuilding industries. 


There are different types of welding cables on the market, depending on the insulation, temperature range, and flex parameters. Some industrial-grade wires, such as battery cables, type W cables, diesel locomotive cables, jumper cables, and some portable cords, share many characteristics with welding cables and can be used interchangeably. 


Nassau National Cable has been selling welding cables for decades, and we have every imaginable variation of a welding cable to offer, thanks to our broad network of suppliers. We also sell welding cables at some of the best prices in the industry. Whether you need a regular welding cable, the one with a higher flex temperature, or an industrial alternative, you can get any of those in just a few clicks. Call us at 1-516-482-6313 if you need an expert consultation on a welding cable for your electrical project.