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Collection: Utility Wire & Cable

Utility Wire & Cable

Utility Wire and Cable, or electric service wire, are medium and high-voltage cables that are designed to use in harsh outdoor conditions in utility poles, overhead power lines, underground power lines, and other demanding applications for power transmission. Utility wire and cable have superior resistance to weather conditions, moisture, abrasion, and mechanical damage. This category of cables is designed for the utility industry's needs that provide essential services, such as electricity, natural gas, and water. Utility wire and cable are designed to power the entire world.


Utility wire and cable approved to use in the United States include aluminum bare transmission cables, aluminum medium voltage cables, central power office cables, data communication cables, and many others. Submersible pump cable is a specific type of utility wire that is designed to bring power to underwater pumps.


Utility wire and cable are subjected to strict rules because fast and safe power transmission is crucial for society's safety. Whether you need overhead, underground, or underwater power transmission, Nassau National Cable carries everything you need. Our company has been a partner of top service wire suppliers for decades, which means that we offer up-to-date utility wire at the best prices in the industry.