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Collection: Tech & Communication Wire & Cable

Tech & Communication Wire & Cable

Tech & Communication Wire & Cable is the group of wire and cable that includes those used in the tech industry and those designed to send information signals. They are often called communication wires or high-tech cables. The primary purpose of these cables is to carry a signal quickly and efficiently without interruption.


The collection of Tech & Communication Wire & Cable includes computer data communications cables, speaker cables, combination cables, coaxial cables, ethernet cables, Telcoflex central power office cables, and, of course, fiber optic cables. The technologies behind tech & communication Wire & Cable are very different, from coaxial and copper conductors to fiber optics, and the industry continues to evolve.


Nassau National Cable works with top IT and tech cable suppliers in the country, which allows us to sell cables at the best prices on the market. We offer a wide range of high-quality, low-voltage, coaxial, twisted, and fiber optic cables. We sell our cables to IT companies, broadband providers, data centers, and individual customers across the United States. We also have our eye on innovation in high-tech cabling, so we constantly expand our suppliers' network by adding the ones that come out with new and innovative solutions for tech & communication wire & cable.