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Collection: Mining Wire & Cable

Mining Wire & Cable

Mining Wire & Cable are a subgroup of industrial cables designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the mining industry, including extreme temperature, oil pollution, mud, dust, abrasion, vibration, and mechanical damage. These cables are used to supply power to mines, mine tunnels, shafts, and mining load centers. Mining Wire & Cable are also used in other industries with extremely demanding conditions and the military. Mining Cables adhere to extreme safety standards and sustain long-term performance.

At Nassau National Cable, we carry an extensive collection of mining wire and cable, such as:

  • Type W Magnet Crane Cable for magnet cranes, drills, scrap yards, foundries, and pumps

  • 5KV / 8KV Medium Voltage Power Cable and Type MP SHD-GC XLP for high-voltage mining power distribution

  • Type G Portable Mining Cable for low-voltage mining power distribution
    Submersible Pump Wire for industrial pumps

  • Submersible Pump Wire for industrial pumps

  • Diesel Locomotive Cable for power transmission in the diesel engines

  • Alarm Wire for industrial mining system signaling

  • Type G-GC Mining Cable for Medium-duty mining applications

  • Jumper Cables for temporary connections

  • High-Temperature Wire for extreme temperature applications


Nassau National Cable works with trusted mining wire & cable suppliers across the country to offer you the best prices on products of the highest quality.