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Collection: Marine and Shipboard Wire & Cable

Marine and Shipboard Wire & Cable

Marine and Shipboard Wire & Cable are used on the board of the ship for offshore applications and the variety of marine uses. They are often referred to as marine shipyard cables or marine grade wire. Typical applications include oil drilling, power supply, signal systems, marine equipment, and communications. Though marine and shipboard wire & cable greatly vary, all of them offer superior resistance to corrosion, extreme temperatures, oil, and moisture, including saltwater.


Common types of marine and shipboard wire & cable are Type P Polyrad Oil Gas XLPO for the harsh environment of offshore drilling, marine rigs, and petroleum facilities; Pendflex Pendant cables used in festoon systems and pendant stations, marine shipboard cables for a variety of applications in corrosive marine environments, marine tech wire for high-performance applications, and submersible pump wire for power transmission. Though not technically counted as marine and shipboard wire, thermocouple wire, DLO, alarm wire, welding cables, and fiber optic cables can carry their individual purpose in the marine environment as well.


At Nassau National Cable, we offer over a hundred types of marine cables at some of the best prices on the market. Our customers include shipyards, drilling companies, and ship owners from all over the country. Thanks to or extensive network of suppliers, you can fulfill all of your marine cable needs at once. We offer fast delivery and handle surplus wire along with the standard inventory format.