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Collection: Industrial Wire & Cable

Industrial Wire & Cable

Industrial Wire & Cable are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments and demonstrate to-notch performance in conditions where they are exposed to unprecedented levels of stress, including abrasion, high voltage, mechanical impact, damaging industrial chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Industrial Wire & Cable are durable, reliable, and highly safe. They often have to be installed in tight conditions and moved frequently. The range of industrial cables is comprehensive, including general all-purpose industrial wire and cables designed for a particular purpose within one industry.

Common types of industrial wire and cable include tray cables for cable trays, hook-up wire for internal tool applications, type W cables for all-purpose, heavy-duty applications, Type P Polyrad Oil Gas XLPO for marine rigs and offshore drilling, Type G cables for portable power generation, diesel locomotive cables for diesel motors, welding cables for welding machines, portable cables for industrial tools and flexing applications, and thermocouple and high-temperature wire for industrial applications in extreme temperatures.

Nassau National Cable carries a range of industrial wire & cable that is second to none because of our vast industrial cable supplier network. We also carry innovative wire & cable solutions for industries added to our library as soon as they are approved in the United States. Businesses that order industrial cables from us include transportation companies, warehouses, construction companies, factories, and mining companies.


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