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Collection: Entertainment Wire & Cable

Entertainment Wire & Cable

Entertainment Wire & Cable are commonly used in the entertainment industry for stage lighting and sound design. These cables are also often referred to as stage cables or stage lighting cables. Entertainment Wire & Cable are supposed to be very flexible and easy to install, as their location on the stage may be changed up to several times per day. The cables are resistant to abrasion and aging because they are supposed to work for years without replacement. Entertainment Wire & Cable is often installed in outdoor venues, which requires resistance to water, oil, and weather. For sound cables, the high speed and quality of signal transmission is the absolute must.


Popular types of stage lighting cables sold by Nassau National Cable include Stage Lighting Entertainment Cable Type SC, Type W Cable, speaker cables, and combination cables. Metal clad cables and PV photovoltaic cables are also used for various entertainment purposes, such as lighting and signal circuits. Belden, our top manufacturer, carries a wide range of broadcast and sound cables for the entertainment industry.


At Nassau National Cable, we have been selling entertainment wire & cable at the best prices for over a decade, thanks to the contracts with the country's top manufacturers. Our customers include television studios, production companies, radio stations, recording studios, local theaters and concert venues, schools, owners of YouTube channels, and individuals organizing public events.


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