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Collection: Agriculture Wire & Cable

Agriculture Wire & Cable

Agriculture Wire & Cable is designed to adhere to the standards of the agricultural industry. They are used in agricultural equipment, including harvesters, pumps, and irrigation systems, warehouses, and agricultural vehicles. Due to the industry's specific demands, Agri wire is designed to be long-lasting, flexible, and durable. Agriculture cables are resistant to weather, water, abrasion, mechanical damage, and agricultural chemicals. 


Common varieties of Agri wire are landscape lighting cables, submersible pump wire, UF irrigation cables, sprinkler control cables, combination cables, and portable cords. Various types of automotive wire that are suitable for agricultural machines may also be considered agricultural wire and overhead and direct burial cables are used to transmit power to the agricultural sights.


At Nassau National Cable, We have been working with customers from the agricultural sector for years. We always keep our eyes on the latest trends in the agricultural sector to bring you the best solutions the wire & cable industry has to offer. We work with small and large agricultural businesses across the country and provide them with all the wire they need. Our vast supplier network and warehouses across the country allow us to carry an extensive collection of agriculture wire & cable at below-market prices and deliver them to you in a matter of days.