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What Is Wire and Cable Taping?

Taping is wrapping the wires to give them extra protection and insulation. Basically, taping is an additional insulation of the cable. Below is the list of possible tapes depending on what you need. 

Types of Wire and Cable Tapes Offered By Nassau National Cable

Several different material options can be used for tape jackets and insulation.

  • Mylar Tape:

this premium-grade adhesive tape provides strength and durability as an insulation tape.

  • Aluminum Mylar:

is made of aluminum foil and a polyester film. It is used in chemical and flame resistance insulation.

  • PTFE Tape:

is made of synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene, offering a wide temperature range, low dissipation, low smoke generation, and flame resistance when it is used as an insulator.

  • Polyester Tape:

is commonly used as insulation tape because it can bring additional strength to high temperatures.

  • Kapton® Tape:

is made of polyimide film with silicone adhesive, improving resistance to weather, chemicals, and even radiation.

  • TFE Tape:

is used for primary insulation thanks to the resistance that it gives to heat, moisture, and extreme abrasion.

  • Mica Tape:

is a high dielectric tape made of mica paper that resists higher temperatures and handles thermal and electrical overloads.

  • FEP Tape:

has a combination of FEP PTFE film and silicone adhesive. It is perfect to be used as cable insulation because of the chemical resistance it has.

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