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Colección: Copper Building Wire

Copper building wire; some valuable info before you buy a roll

Many people all over the world build structures for their business premises, industries and residential areas.  These buildings require sufficient, efficient and sustainable power supply system to ensure the structures effectively serve their purposes as intended. It is for this purpose we require some special types of cables. This is where the Building Copper wire comes in handy. It is mainly used to transmit power in buildings. Almost every commercial, industrial and residential building in the world is constructed by the use of a building wire. On this post I will share with you some of the amazing features of the copper building wire which is available on sale at Nassau national cable  a world class market leader in wire and cable products. Let’s get on to the details.Read More

 Why would this be the most appropriate power cable for your building?

  • Copper wire has amazing electrical and thermal properties, due to its ionic structure it can be able to conduct large amounts of electricity compared to other metals.
  • Copper is malleable, it can easily bend during installations and can easily be maneuvered through tight corners and constricted areas.
  • Copper is durable; it withstand a punishing working condition over a lifetime and is resistant to external forces such as corrosion and abrasion. This saves you service and maintenance costs.
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