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Colección: Tray Cable

Tray cable is a multi-conductor cable installed in cable trays, raceways, control systems, power, lighting, and communication networks. These versatile cables are suitable for all types of industrial applications, from lightest to heaviest ones. They are designed for outdoor and indoor applications in wet and dry conditions and are resistant to sunlight. Most of them are approved for direct burial. A messenger wire may be used to support tray cables. Read More

These cables are available in different types of insulation, including THHN, THWN, XLPO, EPR, and XLPE. Some of the most common jacket materials include PVC and CPE. The most prominent benefit of these cables is their all-purpose use. Tray cables are flexible and relatively easy to maintain. Their wide price range allows choosing cables for every budget depending on the insulation type. Tray cables come in both 300v and 600v voltage range.

Types of tray cables available in Nassau National Cable include shielded cable, EPR/CPE, and THHN/PVC. The company also distributes cables produced by LAPP that use patented technologies to provide superior solutions.

Shielded tray cable is used in control circuits, power, and signal systems. VFD, a subtype of shielded cables, is used in motor drives, radar units, and information systems.

EPR/CPE is one of the most expensive types of tray cables of Class 1 Division 2. It has ethylene-propylene rubber insulation and a chlorinated polyethylene jacket. Typical uses of these cables include mining, oil fields, and refineries. Cables can be used in dangerous conditions with the possibility of explosions.

THHN/PVC is a budget-friendly type of tray cables suitable for mining and industrial applications. It belongs to Class 1 Division 2 as well. However, the cable performs slightly worse in hot temperatures because of the thermoplastic jacket. The cable is equipped with thermoplastic high heat-resistant nylon insulation and a polyvinyl chloride jacket.

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